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The Global War on Terror (GWoT) as the Iraq War Discourse

After the 911 attacks, the US launched a Global War on Terror (GWoT) and this subsequently formed a discourse which had a major role in the Iraq War, particularly the initial phases. The GWoT discourse can be explored through ideas of Orientalism because of the...

The Necessity Of Government And Governance For Modern Society

It is a privilege to be living in such a great time, where everything is changing, for instance, the exponential growth of population, globalization, and a high rate of urbanization, in both developing and developed countries. In both developing and developed countries, citizens have a...

The Importance of International Governance for Developing Countries

In this era globalization, there are some countries that are still live without peace, stability, and justice. Without all these things, we cannot achieve sustainable development. In fact, we live in a world that is increasingly divided. Some regions enjoy sustained peace while others seemingly...

Analysis of the Main Elements of Global Governance

Abstract “There is no government for the world. Yet, on any given day, mail is delivered across borders; people travel from one country to another via a variety of transport modes; goods and services are freighted across land, air, sea, and cyberspace; and a whole...

Realism as the Most Convincing Paradigm of International Relations

Abstract The purpose of writhing this paper is to explain how Realism has a great impact on the global politics. Since 17th century till today we can see how every event in international world depicts views of Realism wether its world war I & II...

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