Functionalism as an Integral Element of the Society's Survival

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Functionalism theory is based on the foundation that all aspects of a society serve a purpose and that all are necessary for the survival of society, since functionalism must work together in harmony to maintain a state of equilibrium. Functionalism provides everyone with different perspectives to view our social world, and challenges that we can overcome. For instance, I’ll be writing about how I keep communication with my family in a different country and state, how dialysis patients are ill but still contribute to society, and how teachers grasp knowledge and spread the word to the uneducated.

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Firstly, the most compelling theoretical perspective to me is Functionalism. It’s amazing how quickly anyone could communicate with anyone else miles away at the touch of a button. Functionalism is the utmost compelling since I have a sister who lives in Washington State, and Family in Mexico. My sister and I send photos to each other of what we are doing, what we are eating, and all the fun and scenic places we get to encounter along the way. In addition, with my family in Mexico I communicate through Facebook, or Instagram with them. I get to see pictures of the whole family on both sides, and talk with my aunts, uncles, as well with my cousins. Communication within my family is vital due to everyone being far away from each other, but still being able to continue with traditions, values, and that’s how my family retains stability.

Secondly, Spencer saw similarities between society and the human body he argued that just as the various organs of the body work together to keep the body functioning, the various parts of society work together to keep society functioning (Spencer 1898). For example, I work in a dialysis clinic taking care of about roughly 12-16 patients a day. Most of these patients are very ill, and if patients fail to come in for treatment the consequences are death or ending up in the hospital. Nonetheless, I come in to work to give treatment, so patients can feel good, be healthily stable, and be well enough to continue with day to day activities for instance, family, and work. So, everyone can contribute with the growing economy.

Thirdly, being educated in today society is very important. Most people want to be educated to grasp that knowledge and take it back to their hometown, home, or to share with peers. Émile Durkheim, another sociologist, applied Spencer’s theory to describe how societies change and survive over time. Teacher or mentors are teaching what to do, and what not to do. Educators are the ones writing on our textbooks from trial and error. There are books on how to be a gardener, a cook, a business person, work in the medical field, government, or to be an engineer, and the list can go on and on. Society is always evolving whether we like it or not, and we as humans are learning how to cope, and evolve as we go.

Ultimately, innovation is improving all around the world. Always know that the world keeps on evolving and for every generation there will be other ways to overcome your challenges and, ultimately, make your life better. Functionalism is very broad and has no limits. I used examples that apply to me day by day since I see functionalism happening around me. I take notice how society can take a challenge and turn it into a change for survival.

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