Fairy Tales Are Very Fictional Giving False Hopes To Children

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In the old time fairy tales were very popular because since there was no technology, it means no television, neither any network to use. Also, at that time many mothers have to find a way for their children to belief in something and be entertaining. Since many of this fairy tales stories come from amazing’s and unimaginable world’s, girls tend to belief that it was true until their parents destroy this perspective due to restriction’s age which makes them big enough to understand that none on this books is true. In the same way, prince charm was a reference so girls at that age have the belief that there will be somebody that will come safe them from anything. For a child especially girls fairy tales are everything, such as: “Cinderella”, “The beauty and the beast”, and “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.” Although, fairy tales are very fictional giving false hopes to children, it is very incredible how writers make such amazing fairy tales in order to catch reading attention, in this case children.

The “Cinderella” story which the main character was a young beautiful woman who lives with his stepmother after his dad pass away. Even though her stepmother treats well at first as the time pass Cinderella is treated like a servant although she is the owner of everything. She never complains and always seem to be the good all the time. At the end she meet the future king, and they have a nice conversation but at certain time she have to live because of the magic. This kind looks for her everywhere and at the end she married the king who takes her away from the poverty and the bad treatment of her stepmother. Still, this story shows that the only way a women can be happy is by marry a rich man who can take you from poverty and you can live happily ever after, which not in all cases happen.

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In “The Beauty and the Beast” the writer tries to get to the public by making something that in real life will never happen, which is put together a beast and a woman. Everything start with a young girl called Beauty who has a passion for books and is very obedient and beautiful. She lives with his father who is an old man in a village. Even though there is a man who wants to marry her but he is very arrogant and Beauty is much compassionated towards others. She meet beast when she finds out that beast has in prison to his father an in order to let him go she proposed to beast to stay in his place. As the time pass beast fall in love with beauty because of her intelligence. In fact, find the true love for beast will make him come back to his normal state which means a human. At the end they marry and Beauty save him from death. Similarly, to Cinderella, the writer try to show that once a women find their real love they will live happily ever after. Also, that men can fall in love for woman not only because of their beauty nor their body but for their intelligence which makes this writer be more reasonable.

In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” the father of snow white dies after a disease or so, she lives with her stepmother who seems normal but turning to be a witch because she beliefs that she is the more pretty any other woman her obsession was her beauty that when she finds out that there was other women more prettier than her which ended out being snow white she send her servant to take her heart away from her and kill her, as an offering of loyalty. Which is ironic is that snow white has a power that makes all people love her, and the witch servant was not an exception. When she finds out what her stepmother want to do she ran away and she finds a place (to stay) where seven Dwarfs live. She live with them until she gets sick because of her stepmother. At the end there was a prince charm who was the king that ended out saving her life by a kiss of her true love. In contrast, to the other two she ran away to save her life, even though she pass for some difficulties. The writer was more open to new ideas were the main character does have to stay in the same place. Although, on the previous stories the three characters find their prince charm and they live happily ever after, in real life this does happen that easy. There ironic of all of this is that the three of them have happy ended. Fairy tales were made in order for girls to belief that in there could be real endings. But some people say that this stories were inspired in real life stories that does not necessarily have a good ending, and all the main characters never survive. In other words, it is close to the fairy tales events, usually one of the parents died or they ended out living with their stepmothers for certain reason and for this reason is why many children think their stepmother can be like the fairy tales stories which not all the cases ended out being true.

In conclusion fairy tales are very easily to undertans and during the childhood on many girls it was one of the favorite activity to do. Fairly tale s are full of love, comimment and hopes. Althought before that there are certains obstacles that the main characters have to pass for in order to be with their real love.

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