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Importance of Children Literature on Education of Children

It is widely acknowledged that some of the basic purposes of education include perpetuating the culture of the individual as well as ensuring that the person develops to their full potential. Education generally frees a person from ignorance and prejudice, leading to the development of...

Anne of Green Gables

Anne Shirley was adopted by Matthew and Marilla by mistake as they wished to adopt a boy when she was 12 years old. Anne is a talkative girl with a great imagination. She often talks to herself before the mirror. She doesn’t like her red...

Book Review of the Anne of Green Gables: The Value of Family

Lucy Maud Montogmery is the author of the famous children’s novel Anne of Green Gables.L.M Montogmery was a Canadian author. The author is best known for this novel. The novel is followed by a series of sequel.This novel made the author famous in her life...

Rejection of the Gender Stereotypes in Little Women and Anne of Green Gables

Both Little women and Anne of Green Gables are set in a time period when each gender has specific roles to fill for their families. It was unheard-of to see someone go against their gender norms. People who did not follow their duties were often...

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