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Candide And Examples Of Antithesis In Literature

Candide, written by Voltaire, delineates the eventful explorations and experiences of Candide and other characters. On a more subliminal note, the novella serves to satirize the concepts of optimism and speculative philosophy in the 18th century. One internal conflict in Candide that occurs repeatedly is...

Voltaire and Aphra Behn: Comparison and Contrast of Candide and Oroonoko

In the story’s of Aphra Behn’s, “Oroonoko”, and in Voltaire’s, “Candide” there are comparisons but along with those comparisons, there are some contrasts. The topics that will be discussed are the portrayal of colonialism and slavery within these two stories. Both authors have provided evidence...

Philosophy and Optimism In Novel 'Candide'

The story of Candide was nothing short of dark, minorly humorous, and also action filled. The theme that really seemed to resonate with me the most though was optimism. I know this is essentially the title of the novella, but the theme was so prominent...

The Hypocrisy of Religion In Novel 'Candide'

The Church is supposed to be holy, but the opposite is suggested through several religious characters that are self-righteous and greedy. While the Bulgars and Abars are busy celebrating the ending of their war, Candide escapes from the Bulgars and flees to Holland. There, Candide...

Theory of a Perfect World In 'Candide'

Candide has underwent a lot of trials and tribulations in this story. In this story Pangloss a philosopher planted an idea in Candide head of how the world was. Pangloss thought it was a utopia and the best of all possible worlds because God created...

Candide': Optimistic Story About the Journey of a German Man

The satire Candide, a slightly humorous, overly optimistic story about the journey of a German man, was written by Voltaire, a renowned philosopher and author of literature who subtly critiques society and government. Candide was published in January of 1759 and translated by William F....

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