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Decomposition Of Organic Matter And Ions In Water

Introduction Organic matters are those matter whose source are the living organism. It is capable of decay and decomposition due to the action of heat and pressure and also by microbial actions. Decomposition of organic matter in water occurs mostly by microbial actions. The main...

Electrolysis Generates Flammable Gas Controlled By Pv Panel

Abstract This is a research paper about producing a flammable gas that can be used in our home for cooking purpose through the electrolysis process. The need for it arouse due to increasing cost of LPG day by day. Earlier for cooking purpose wood, coal,...

Electrolysis: Desaturation as Mitigation Technique Against Liquefaction

It is thus important to consider liquefaction potential of dams or embankments to prevent this kind of phenomena. Various techniques have been developed during the last centuries, such as: densification; draining; soil reinforcement and desaturation. One of the most promising techniques against liquefaction is desaturation....

Decolorization of Azo Dyes using Contact Glow Discharge Electrolysis

Abstract Contact Glow Discharged Electrolysis (CGDE) is a plasma electrolysis methode has proved to treat organic wastewater effectively. The objective of this study was to investigate decolorization process of the textile dyes Remazol Red RR, Remazol Yellow FG and Remazol Brilliant Violet with an air...

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