Courage as a Path to Self-Development

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There are different meanings of courage to each person; it depends on how you interpret it. Based from Cambridge Dictionary, Courage is the ability to control fear and to be willing to deal with something that is dangerous, difficult or unpleasant. There are also 4 types of courage based from Crowin connect website. The first one is the moral courage, it means that standing up and acting when injustices occur, human rights are violated or when persons are treated unfairly. The second one is Disciplined Courage, it means remaining steadfast, strategic, and deliberate in the face of inevitable setbacks and failures for the greater good. The third one is Intellectual courage, it means challenging ld assumptions and acting to make changes based on new learnings, understandings and insights leaned from experiences. And the last one is the Empathetic Courage; it means that acknowledging personal biases and intentionally moving away from them in order to vicariously experience the trials and triumphs of others. It will still depend on people on how they take courage in their personal life.

Courage is present in our everyday life. Courage is already part of my everyday encounter to people especially in school. Many students have fear in speaking in front of many people but they are pushing themselves to conquer their fear in a way that, every reporting task that is assigned to them, they do it with all their heart and they are doing their very best to deliver it properly, because this fear has nothing to do with their life, it will just bring them down. At first, conquering fear is really hard but it turns out good, especially when students get to senior high stage where in they do all the talking and discussing the topic and this is where their courage takes them. It takes them to where they are today, a student who is not afraid to be in front of many people. Without the courage to conquer the fear of speaking in front of many people, the communication skills of the student won’t be developed. The advantage of being courageous to a student is that, it is part of their character development; it made them a person as what they are today. Without taking risk to fight what frightens the students, for sure they will be stuck to their old self and undeveloped self and their life will be miserable.

Courage really builds ones personality especially when life is tough. It takes time to be courageous but in the process of going there, without us knowing, courage is already takes place in the process. Don’t lose hope in everything. Conquering fear is better than regretting so better risk it out for the better outcome than regretting the moment you lost. There will always be a bright future ahead; it will just take one brave soul to conquer all the challenges and to be courageous to see it.

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