Continuing Animal Testing: For And Against

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Did you know the soap you use was probably forced down a baby rabbit or even a cat's throat? It is very well known that animals have been used for testing in the cosmetic and medical industry for a very long time. In today’s day animal testing is at a high because companies carry out many more experiments on animals and witch means that we need more animals to test on and it's starting to become a big problem. The use of animals in research is vital for enabling researchers to develop new drugs and treatments but the issue is trying to limit and put laws in place. The government has not made any well-regulated laws on the use of these animals in all the industries. There are a few laws in the biomedical about the making for drugs and vaccines but there isn't much for cosmetic testing. The cosmetic testing industry is much more complex and controversial when compared to others because of the lack of boundaries and laws. The biggest problems are that there are many issues within the topic against animal testing like who gets to do it and for what purpose is it needed while nothing is being done to change it and why has it taken so long to start realizeing it. Animal experiments are so worthless that up to half of them are never even published. New thinking scientists have started to develope a humane more modern, and effective non-animal research methods, but for the companies that still do the on animal testing should have boundrues and more exclesivety to what they can and cant do while thinking about diffrent forms of finding the answer without an animal. People would be surprised if they knew the unreliability of animal tests and how just because they tested it, it means it allows companies to put really any product on the market these days Even if it doesn't pass the product is in a lot of cases still marketed anyway. Animal testing should be removed or have better laws aginst it because it violates many animals rights, it causes pain and suffering to the animals, and any other ways of testing are available and now should be in effect.

Firstly, animal testing is a very broad subject and theres many parts to it, but we are gonna start with it’s bad science. Yearly, more than 115 million animals are used worldwide in experiments to supply the biomedical field. There are a few laws in the biomedical about the making for drugs and vaccines but there isn't much for cosmetic testing. The cosmetic testing industry is much more complex and controversial when compared to others because of the lack of boundaries and laws. When doing experiments with anything things can always go wrong but seeing the rate of how well these experiments are going is a good indicator to keep going or figure other methods out. For example animal testing in just the medical field is a win lose seniaro and according to “The National Institutes of Health reports that 95 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans” (M.Levivatt). This means that this has been so much unnecessary testing for medications that aren't even working on the human body, which the tests that are conducted don't give positive working results imagine how many more happen in the cosmetic industry. Due to the lack of good results in animal experiments this lengthens the suffering of people waiting for successful cures because the results diverse and even confuse experimenters and waste precious time and money and many other resources that could have been spent on effective other ways of human relevant research. Also a study in “2004 found that 92 percent of drugs entering clinical trials following animal testing fail to be approved. Of those approved, half are withdrawn or relabeled due to severe or lethal adverse effects not detected during animal tests.” (U.S.FDA). All this information shows that testing on animals isn't the best thing to do and it has a high failing rate. There are many other solutions non animal based to find cure and test medications on. This is not a promising way to find cures and test drugs so we can put our money and time into something that does work. For example, tests using human cells and or tissues to see if they work because most testing is for human consumption anyway.

Secondly, animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, unnecessary, and unethical. The reason why animal testing should be banned is becuase around two hundred and twenty two thousand animals are put for testing every year in Canada alone. These animals are being put through substances injected into them, chemicals are force-fed, materials are rubbed into the eyes. These should be reasons enough to end animal tests but many don't see it that way. Much evidence shows that animal testing should not be allowed but also many people agree that animal testing should be banned because it is just very wrong. Just imagine having to have to be born into a world on a cold concrete floor and be made with no choice but to live a life with no freedom. They have no way to stop the pain or torment because they are “just animals”. Although those who are for animal testing might think that it is nesscary for products to be tested on animals to then be declared safe for human use, that is untrue. Animals may have close realtions with humans but animals are not humans, so testing is not completly accurate. While alot of animals are actully genetically modified and subjected to abnormal stress its not good enough evidance to say that its safe for huaman use. According to the FDA, only 5-25% of animal tests and human tests actually agree so this is useful to humans,  

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