Contemporary Environmental Problems Across Various Regions In The World

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Contemporary environmental problems differ across the globe varying based on the landscape, temperature, most quantity of resources. So, let us consider Global Warming, Deforestation and Air pollution.

Global warming

The impacts of global warming are due to increase in temperature which directly results in increase in sea-levels, floods in some parts of the world, reduction of food production, destruction of Flora and Fauna over a wide scale, lets us see some examples considering different regions, first let us consider the African nations like South African where it is devastated by global warming, South Africa has become drier and drier due to increase in the temperature. It is said there will be increase in 0.25 degree Celsius in temperature which would cause severe drought. The water crisis in Cape town, was major issue this is one those real time problems where in 2017 and 2018 the city has run out of water to supply to its residents and commercial complexes due its major dams and river has dried to an extent there was only 12% of water available. The facts show that water consumption is restricted to 100 litres of water per person. And due to this reason, there was low agriculture output due to lack of availability of water. If we consider countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana or Anglo these countries experienced least food production rate below the normal level creating famine and death. It was considered that 15 million will go hungry without aid for next decade in these countries. These countries have sand dunes which are shifting after 4000 years which could destroy the complete harvest and change the entire landscape rich in Biodiversity.

Considering the climate change in terms of increase in temperature, facts taken from UNEP states that Vector born, and Water born find warm temperature more suitable to thrive and become more resistant to medicines/vaccination. If we consider northern Europe due to global warming there was decrease in snow cover by 7% in March and 11% in April from 1982 to 2009. The Greenland Ice-sheets has been shrinking for decades taking to consideration about 100billion tons of ice is been lost every year and contributes 0.7% increase in seal-level rise. In India, the state of Kerala was completely devastated by floods in 2018 due to increase in temperature which caused fluctuation of monsoon winds due to which caused heavy rains in the state for 2 to 3 days continuously.


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The impacts of deforestation can be seen as soil erosion, loss of species due loss of habitat, loss of soil nutrients, increase of floods and decrease ground water levels etc. if we consider South America countries like Brazil, Peru, Ecuador there has been increase deforested area for agricultural purposes, housing and fuel etc. Due deforestation in these nations there has been drastic change in the environment like the livability conditions of fauna and flora has been threatened. The rain forest holds about 50% of world species, we are losing 130 species daily due to deforestation and lakes in Ecuador has dried for 3rd consecutive year due to deforestation which affects entire population living around the lake, and due to this entire food chain has been destroyed like fishing and crop production. Considering India in terms of effects of deforestation, there was considerable loss of forest over for past 10 years in India due to logging and mining. Due to mining and its effects the entire region has become polluted, the crops are affected, ground water levels have decreased and its polluted.

This resulted in decrease in its fauna and flora, due this it had considerable impacts its food production due to ranching and forming where soil lost most of its nutrients, according to ‘India study channel’ there was 300-500 lakh tons food loss due to soil erosion. And importantly 60 million indigenous people depend on basic needs from the forest and they have been impacted badly due to deforestation. There was increase flooding in many parts of the country considering floods which impacted Kerala in 2018. Due to Deforestation in Africa in particular there has been increase in widespread microorganisms like pathogens which causes diseases like Ebola and Lyme. This is due increase human habitats near the forest exposes to unknown diseases. Ebola itself caused 200 deaths.

Air Pollution

Considering its impacts air pollution can cause lung cancer, eye sight problems and Asthma. Let us Consider New Delhi India were air pollution causes Dust storms and smog. Considering India alone there will be 12% increase in air pollution. Considering Beijing China where air pollution causes lots smog and there by forms toxic air that covers the complete city. According to UN 300.000 people die every year in China due to Air pollution. The factors behind air pollution due to dozens of steel industries surrounding the city.

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