Child Abuse: It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

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Children are the most vulnerable and defenseless members of our society. Innocent, naive, growing up and they depend on adults, when it comes to their education, support and protection. But not always psychological development goes as parents would like. Some grow quiet and obedient boy, and the other way around.

If the child does not listen, I think, first of all, you need to find out the reasons. The kid does not always make something special, sometimes curiosity and desire to know the unknown is absolutely not amenable to his control. But of course it is necessary to explain the possible consequences.

I also think it is right to talk with the child about his disobedience. Ask why he is doing this, whether he understands that this behavior upsets you or others, and what alternative he sees his actions. As a rule, this greatly helps, as the baby senses that communicate with him on equal terms.

Everyone who has to do with raising a child must be consistent. If the father was punished and the mother and the rest of the family needs to support the head of the family. I suppose it is upbringing together that helps to raise an obedient child.

In many cases, children listen only to one parent, usually a more strict and authoritative one. It is also worth remembering that they are well aware of what’s what, are good at manipulating adults and achieve their.

Do not go on about the child, clearly and decisively say “no” if the child requires the impossible. Tantrums (which, most likely, will follow a failure), you need to respond calmly and rationally. Better yet, just ignore them.

And do not forget that, do not abuse the prohibitions. Within reasonable limits and reasonable they should be, but if you go too far and prohibit even the little things, the child will stop responding to them. Aggressive methods of education: shouting, ridicule, rude expressions or slaps are likely to cause the same aggressive opposition, and the child will be disobedient just to spite parents. In addition, such behavior of the father and mother suppress the development of self-esteem and self-confidence. And the baby without these qualities is unlikely to become obedient and will listen to the parent’s word.

After all, one of the reasons for disobedience is the lack of attention from parents. As you know, in this century, many parents do not find enough time to spend with their children. Often you just need to talk more with the child, to be interested in what he lives. Discipline can be achieved by building a trusting and warm relationship with the child. You can, of course, achieve obedience by shouting and lecturing, punishment and prohibitions. However, if you always yell at the baby, he just gets used to it and sooner or later stops responding to the scream.

Emotional upbringing is an extremely important moment, which forms a real and psychologically complete person. If you follow the child’s emotions, do not interfere with it, show them, help, console and empathize – then he will not have special reasons for disobedience.

In additional, child development is a very complex and important process. Also, there is the fact that the child is your reflection of itself. From birth to a certain age, children discover the world through their parents. Therefore, it is worth noting that parents have a major and responsible role in the lives of their children. Only depends on them how the child will grow in the future.

I mostly suppose, following that fact, physical abuse of children in the case of insubordination has more drawbacks than advantages. Child rearing is a directional role, thus we should be guiding in a way that inspires others to follow positive pathways. If I am acting in a conscientious way, then I will have a deep desire and heartfelt yearning to do that with which is right and constructive.

Always remember, that “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.’

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