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Born Leader: Leaders Are Born And Not Made

Early research was based on the study of people who were already great leaders and from an aristocratic lineage thereby contributing to the notion leadership had something to do with breeding. A number of scenarios confirm the assertion leaders are actually born and not made....

Adolf Hitler: Leadership Style Analysis

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The key of organizational culture in modern society is to motivate the members of the organization to achieve their goals. There is a need to respond actively to everything and it has become very important to have an upper hand in various situations. But this...

A Comprehensive Review on the Characteristics of Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership theory (CLT) reveals that methodologies have been refined and modified with the passage of time and the theory is as relevant today as it was back in the early 20th century. The early theorists coined that born leaders were endowed with certain physical...

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership Style

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Transformational Leadership deals with the motivation, inspiration, and encouragement of the personnel in order to carry out the innovative and creative change. This change directly helps the company in the growth and allows the scope for development. This leadership style is based on improving the...

What Makes a Leader Charismatic

Leadership is a dense genre that had remained under debate regarding the difference in opinions of the definition and components of leadership, and either it is intrinsic quality or learned behavior. Despite all the debate, Leadership can be contributed as a personal impact that is...

The Leadership Style of Donald Trump

Introduction Love or hate him, you cannot deny that Donald John Trump is a very successful Business with great leadership skills. Putting aside your political view, Trump has been successful in business and real estate for a number of decades. He is known in the...

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