Analysis Of The Stages Of Determination For Drug Tourism

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By its basic definition, drug tourism is travel expressly for the aim of getting and/or taking drugs. These drugs may not be out there within the user’s country of region, or they will be expensively priced, therefore the requirement to search out a supply of the drug anywhere. In some regions, drugs are legal and cheap, however a user still travels for the aim of taking those drugs due to some drugs event or location (Dual Diagnosis, 2018).

Nowadays drug tourism is getting bigger and bigger every day all around the world for example Chinese people are visiting Amsterdam to invest money in weed business and a true extent was created to analyse Chinese drug tourism intentions. To make this reliable ten interviews and two surveys were performed to construct and validate the scale and at the end of this study 6 stages of determination for drug tourism have been identified and discussed. (Wen et al. , 2018) (Uriely and Belhassen, 2006) is arguing that the result of taking drugs can be be very risky and tourist are anxious about it being legal. Social, and medical aspects of risk; they take precautions to cut back it as related to their behaviour and that they understand drug use as less dangerous within the context of business enterprise than within the routine of lifestyle. (Wood, 2018) is quoting that there are many different drugs and every drug has its own unique destination such as people go to Amsterdam for smoking weed if you have any other desires about drugs, they have got the top seven best places up on their list for the drug tourism. (Winkelman, 2005) has questioned a group of people that are from the west ends of Amazonia and ask them about why they see drugs as spiritual, healing and the answers were very interesting for example they said it is emotionally healing them and they are also saying it is helping them to improve their self mentally and they are believing that drugs are affecting them in a positive way. There are many risks while taking drugs when you are travelling such as being on drugs and alcohol can cause physical and mental damage or death. When you mix different substances soo many things can happen for example not protected sex and there are also governmental risks such as dealing and buying drugs is a big risks(Gyarmathy and Fountain, 2012).

There are also many different charges for selling or using drugs such as you can be fined on the spot or you can just get a warning it depends on the drugs that you are being coat for example maximum charges applies for cocaine and just using this can put in prison for seven years but if you are a dealer you can be sentenced for life time and get a very big fine(GOV. UK, 2018). Why is academic credibility important? Credibility is described as the satisfactory or strength of inspiring belief. Credible sources, therefore, have to be dependable sources that supply data that one can consider to be true (Coates, 2018). In this essay there has been used many different reliable source to back up the information is giving.

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