An In-Depth Overview of Jewish Culture, History and Languages

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Heritage and Overview

The world that we live in is very unique and possesses a lot of land throughout it. Within this world there are many cultures that live upon it. Researchers have been traveling and studying far and wide to communicate and gather knowledge from cultures all over the world. Many of the knowledge that we have was given to us from someone in our family that got it from their guardian the generation that is before the one that is at hand. Due to Purnell (2005) gaining an awareness of cultural diversity is advantageous because it increases the chances of professionals such as doctors, teachers, even science. The magnitude of Israel is not that big but has been known to be one of the vastest and prosperous countries in the East (Rodman, 2003).

The Origins and Language of the Jews

The Jews have the longest and most popular history than any other human population on the face of the earth (Weitzman, Steven, 2017). The study of the Jew can be traced as far back as 1209 B.C. in the Bible (Heckl, 2013). The Jews was very popular and some was not making history as far as we can read up to now in present time. “Saul was chosen the first king of the Jews at a time when they were fully recognizing the emasculating consequences of their tribal division and rivalries” (Gelb, Norman 2010) p3. According to the Bible, Jews descend from the ancient people of Israel who settled in the land of Canaan between the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. The language that the Jew spoke in the Bible and todays time was known as Hebrew (Gelb, Norman 2010).

Topography of Israel home of the Jews

The Topography of Israel home of the Jews is long and narrow in shape, Israel is 470 km, which is 290 miles long. The width of the land is 135 km, that would add up to 85 miles wide. “The complete total of the state of Israel would consist of Judea and Samaria ( the West Bank) and the Golan Heights” ( Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2013). The country is divided into four regions the coastal plain, the central hills, the Jordan Rift Valley, and the Negev Desert. That area is very fertile and humid making it known for its citrus and viniculture.

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The Economics of the Jews

As for the men there is a positive approach on employment steadiness and a positive effect of incomes that will increase within a time frame. Now for women on the other hand among the Jews, The effect of salary has a contrary U-shape. The employment stability made a wonderful and good effect on marriage. The men are the ones that wants and have a good positive vibe for marriage. The women tend to hold back on their economic and anticipate after marriage. Over all in the culture marriage is postponed for at least two years until after of the completion of their education.

Occupation and Education of the Jews

America and Israel have divergent cultural practices and are on the opposite side of the map. Nevertheless, the citizens of both countries can come to an agreement that being part of the workforce is fundamental. Boys were the ones to most likely in the family get an education compared to girls but that was something that changed over the years (Gale, 2012). Just under half of Israeli women work outside of the home. More like American women they prefer limiting work hours to complete their spot as mother and homemakers (Moore, 2009). Israel women usually work in female oriented positions since their presence in the home is a necessity they try to be more flexible with their job hours. The work, overtime, and wage amount are far less than what a male earns (Moore, 2009). In the 1990’s the work shift in Israel changed when it came to the occupations held by women. So that there would not be a problem in the homes between the men and female, the women began to choose mixed occupations that were the role of men and women were symmetric (Moore, 2009). The occupations that was chosen was position like lawyers, biologists, and psychologists which provided employees with the option of choosing their work hours to make it fit around the hours they needed to take care of other duties within the home.


A powerful element that governs countries is politics. When comparing the United State to the political world is very different to Israel. In Israel there are two political parties racing for citizen. Israel activists are not as influential on the Israeli’s like they are in America (Schofield, Claassen, Ozdemir, & Zakharov, 2011). Israel became a state in 1948 and many individuals from several other countries went into exile and migrated to Israel to gain freedom. The people that went to Israel were citizens of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. The Israel government assisted the individuals that wanted residency in Israel (Zegeye, 2008). America many immigrants who has come to America and made it their home away from home. America has provided the Jewish culture with equal rights and opportunities. Due to this transaction the Israeli government has contributed to the gaps among the Jews regions from 1960’s well into the 21st century (Gale, (2012).

Communication and Verbal Actions

Communication is very important which makes it necessary for survival. By all means it is a vital part of all societies that has brought peace and started wars. In all cultures language, eye contact, touch, facial expressions, tone of voice and nonverbal body language are forms of communication (Purnell, 2005). Jews in Israel communicate with their words spoken to them literally depending on their communication style (IOR,n.d.) It is almost the same as for Americans depending on the situation. A lot of people joke around a lot but when the heat is on and the vibe is at a point you can tell the difference in the tone of voice.

Touching & Space

In America people communicate by speaking and touching. Most of the touching will come in with a handshake or either a huge during greeting time or departing. It is something that is common and protocol in the American culture. In Israeli it is forbidden that a male initiate touching a female. These are rules that were set within some religion of certain Israeli groups (IOR n.d.).

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