An Importance Of Proper Restaurant Concepts

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The aim in planning a restaurant is to gather, the concept for a restaurant that cost effective to the customer and owner. The system of these intentions can be described as restaurant concepts. The objective to open restaurant is to create interest for certain group of customers. Nowadays, the competition in restaurant industry is quite aggressive, therefore a great idea concept of a restaurant is important. Besides that, the environment, choice of the food in the menu, the location of the restaurant, marketing, appearance and management.

Sales Control System

According to Kamal Kant, sales control can be explained to authority the revenue of a unit, this will affect the revenue of the restaurant. So, it is important for restaurant to control the main aspect which will have side effect the revenue of a business, for example, the menu list, the total figure of food and beverage sales, the sales mix, the regular spend of customers in each selling out – let at different times of the day, the number of covers served and the gross profit margins. Cost control can be described as the progress for the managers to conduct the costs and guard against extra costs. It is an ongoing operation and affects every step in the chain of purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing and preparing food and beverage for sale, as well as practicing and scheduling the personnel involved. The goal of this system is to exclude excessive costs for food and beverage, and also the labor costs. Obviously, is to exert some governing power over costs in all areas to secure that the enterprise will produce at a profit. Although cost control is critically essential to the profitable operation of any business, cost control alone will not ensure profitability. Moreover, it is good to compare sales records to production records to assure that all quantities produced are accounted for. The purpose of Sales Control System The purpose of implementing a sales control procedure is to ensure the food and beverage prepared in the kitchen is to serve in the restaurant, achieve revenue for the operation, efficient advertising and sales promotion, besides that, the revenue for each item is recorded correctly. Therefore, control is a responsibility for the management. In some company, the managers have to in charge of directing and supervising the control operation in every aspect of the operations. This is to help the managers can easily direct control rather than delegate responsibility.

Point of Sales System

Point of Sales (POS) System establish in 1870, with the invention of the cash register. The Point of Sales System creates a possibility for the business to complete and track store transaction. Nowadays, the Point of Sales Systems are much different from previous years. They continue to develop, comprise new technologies and features, besides that, they trying to simplify the checkout progress for cashiers and customers, this is to making business more productive. The employees trick that the money given by the customers instead of depositing them. Historically, the Point of Sales Systems began in 1870’s in Dayton, Ohio. The successful businessmen of James Ritty who named as “Dealer of pure whiskies, fine wines and cigars.

Even though, other business in that era, the entrepreneur was challenged with raising issue relevant with employees that stealing money from the cash drawer.

James Ritty was on a ship bound for Europe in 1869, he saw a machine was calculated the number of times that the ship’s propeller ended a revolution. By using the same sort of technology, James Ritty has an idea that he able to produce a machine that will keep track of his sales and prevent his employees stealing his money. James Ritty returned to his country, he started with his brother to establish their idea to reproduce the mechanism and to plan it in way to count money transactions at the saloon. During 1879, James Ritty and his brother possess their invention as “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier”, in modern world we called that as “Cash Register”.

Later, James Ritty brothers build a factory for manufacturing these cashiers. In 1881, Jacob Eckert acquired the business from James Ritty, the business called as “National Manufacturing Company”. After that, Jacob Eckert decided to sold this business to John Patterson who making a new change and he enforced paper roll to the cash register, the purpose is to record-keeping the day transactions. In few years later, cash register had been upgraded, and in 1970 the first computer driven cash register had been imported. During 1980, the retail software form on PC technology initiated to make its way into general retail entrepreneurship. Currently, Point of Sales Systems are depending on advanced technology, are more protected and they will contribute information by allowing the user to conduct in functional integrated system. Food Purchasing System Purchasing progress is a needed part of every food service operation. For the qualified cooks should be skillful in buying the ingredients, in exact amounts, must be at the right time and the best price. Purchasing can be view as a subsystem within the total restaurant system mean which is installed to be set in motion. Below it shows the steps in gather together a purchasing system.

The first step depends on the menu regulate the food standard is required to serve the market. Such as: the vegetables can be canned, fresh or frozen or the fish be fresh or frozen? Second, have to establish the product specifications, the detailed descriptions of what is wanted based on discussion and the material available. Third, collect product information and choose the supplier based on the price, service and honesty. Access samples of the food and choose the best. Fourth, must have replacement suppliers. The fifth step, choose a person to order and receive supplies. Allow them to reject delivery of individual items. Next step, should build up a storage spaces for ultimate utilization. Set up the amount essential to be stocked for each item. Besides that, have to build up an inventory control system. Last but not least, link inventory control and cost control together.

Food and Beverage Sales Control

Food and beverage control can be the instruction and regulation of the costs and revenue of the running catering activity in the food and beverage establishment. It is important to have this system; the control system can analyze problem areas and trends in the business.

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The food and beverage procedure income need to be sufficient to cover daily operating costs such as: payroll, uniforms, operating supplies, labor costs. Furthermore, other’s expenses for example: utility bills, taxes, insurance sales and marketing expenses. Thus, Food and Beverage cost control takes on greater importance in terms of managing expected financial returns. The food and beverage cost control possess a wide range of topics. Monitoring and measuring operating costs, as a successful restaurant owner can increase the likelihood of their efficiency income. Food and beverage revenues should be calculated separately. After that, food revenue and beverage revenue add together equals total food and beverage revenue.

Budgeting & Controlling Costs

Budgeting and Controlling costs are the most critical function for a restaurant owner. A good proper menu planning, sales forecasting, the restaurant should avoid overspending on staff and supplies, the training for the employees. There are the few steps to control the restaurant.

The first step is tracking and managing inventory to ensure food cost control. The purpose of this is for the restaurant the cost can be control and to control the inventory. Besides that, a good relation with the vendors will benefit the restaurant. The vendors will offer a good price about the products. Check the inventory regularly, the best is once a week, to sufficient restaurant cost control and track what have been used the most. Second step, the controlling labor costs by reducing employee turnover. To reduce the money spent on labor and restaurant cost control should reduce the turnover rate of the employee. There is one of the particular areas for every restaurant owner should pay attention to the retention of the employees. Hired a skillful staff is not that easy for a restaurant. The third step, should reduce waste and food being stole. The restaurant should use ordering, inventory and security techniques to avoid food waste or spoil or getting stole. The best way to avoid is to keep track of monthly and annual traffic is to arrange for sales peaks and valleys. Should report how many dishes have been returned for each service and why would this happen, the food that complimentary to the customers or replace it.

Financing & Leasing

Loans for the restaurant will be short or long term is depending on the type of the restaurant and how much they borrow. The loan that restaurant borrow is for working capital needs or to invest in the machinery and land. There are few options for restaurant to get financial. The first choice is Small Business Administration (SBA), this program is to help business when in disadvantaged areas by attempting lower dollar loan up to $250,000 to foster economic development. They offer the funds such as: working capital, suppliers, inventory, fixtures and equipment. Besides that, partners and angel investors, as the restaurant owner can look for business or investment partners. If have partnership, is good to have legal documents, and the roles and responsibilities for each party. The best way is to consult the lawyer to get proper information. There is other option equipment financing. Most of the restaurant owner will apply for the equipment financing. Before apply for financing equipment have to do more research because some of the financing lenders might increase payment costs than others. For the equipment financing, have to pay by month. Asking the money from friends or family members can be one of the choices, this is much easier than borrow the money from bank and it will not have any interest need to be pay.

The Marketing Plan – 400

Marketing plan determine the objectives for classify target customers and their restaurant needs and discover ways to delight those needs. Besides that, marketing plan consist of what marketing professionals call invent as well as market can be determined according to the food served. For example, beef market, hamburger market, fried chicken market and so on. Ryan Gromfin describe as there are three ways to gain the revenue, first step is to get to interest from the new customers. Next step, should increase the average spend per customers, last step, interact with the customers and encourage them to order more. Furthermore, perform “SWOT” in the marketing plan. “SWOT” stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strengths and Weaknesses can be as internal of the company, the Opportunities and Threats are the external environmental factors.

For the marketing plan will have rational goals for sales and costs while leaving an equitable profit margin. “Four P” can be defined as Price, Product, Promotion and Place. This will help the restaurant to analyze the key strategic elements. Place – The restaurant has to build at the right place to attract customers. A restaurant should have good visibility, easy to access, parking lot and convenience. During weekdays, most of the restaurants will have big problem of how to fill up the restaurants, but there’s little problem or no problem to fill up on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This feat will need a magician arrange good locations, conjures up an impressive environment, and serves good food as well. Product – Restaurant have the complete package of food, beverage, service or environment to pleasant the customers’ needs and wants. In the restaurant, the product can be defined as three levels, core product, formal product and augmented product. Core product is the purpose part of the product to serve for the customer. Formal product is the tangible part from the product. It is combine the physical aspects of the restaurant decoration. Augmented product consists of other services for example: acceptance of certain credit card, parking or table reservation service. Ankit Gupta describe the Price of services is hard than pricing of goods. The restaurant not only charge the cost of the food served and also has to count the price for the ambiance provided. Final price for the service is then enter at by including a markup for an adequate profit margin. At a restaurant can be easily reproduce Promotion becomes the factor that attract customers. Therefore, services offering identical services for example airlines or banks has invest lot of money in advertisement in their services.


Every restaurant will be used Point of Sales system which means using computer to order, track sales. Point of Sales has been design to suit different types of restaurant and also can increase profits. Most of the restaurant using on Point of Sales systems to keep the restaurant process running smoothly.

Although, this system helps the restaurant to have good operation. There still have advantage and disadvantage. The advantage for this system is that can have good communication for the kitchen staff and the waiter. The waiter will place the order on the computer, the order will direct to the kitchen. This will make less mistakes. In additional, this system can help to track which food is the most popular item. Besides that, Point of Sales systems can be set as time clock, this will help to arrange payroll for the employees. Point of Sales can help to coordinate profit and loss account and sales tax. There is the disadvantage for this Point of Sales system is that all the record is save it on the computer, if did not backup there is the risk for lose it all the information include all the sales, profit and loss account and payroll account.

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