A Research Paper on the Role of a Pastry Chef

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A Pastry chef, is a station chef in a professional kitchen, who is skilled in the area of making of pastries, desserts, breads, and other baked goods. Being a pastry chef is not an easy job, but yet a job that is easy to fall in love with. That final detail on that cake or that final swirl of icing on that cupcake makes this job worth every step. Each time a job is completed you have something to remind you of why you started it. To pursue this career not much education is required yet skill, time, and preparation is needed. When will a pastry chef ever go out of business?

Generally the idea of a pastry chef is an individual who makes bread, pastries, and other baked goods that are generally sold by grocers, restaurants, and institutional food services. “From the inside looking in, being a pastry chef seems like a pretty sweet job”( Bakers). “From developing and testing new and inventive dessert recipes to making some of the worlds finest ingredients, confections, and sweets, there is, admittedly much to love about a gig like this“ ( A Day and the Life of a Pastry Chef). The arts of a party chef do not require much education at all. Although most High schools provide such classes for future chefs such as hospitality and tourism, Culinary 1, and Culinary 2 classes which equip you for future job as a chef. One is not required to have a any form of formal education to become a pastry chef, some candidates rather chose to attend a technical or culinary school to pursue their career as a chef. Programs for culinary usually last one or two years and cover things such as nutrition, food safety, skills, and basic math. Most bakers learn their skill from on the job training.“

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The restaurant kitchen is a place that tests every milligram of your essence. A perfectly balanced recipe of humility, hubris, and actual skill is needed” ( A Day in the Life of a Pastry Chef). Any and everyone who desires to be a pastry chef has a great chance all it takes is skill, creativity, and passion for every detail you create. There are many opportunities and jobs that a Pastry Chef can have it all starts with the commercial bakers that generally work in manufacturing that produce the bread, pastries and other goods. In these areas they use the High tech machines oven and equipment. There is also retail bakers, that are primarily in grocery stores, and in these areas they generally make fewer and smaller pastries, most often their job is to serve the customer and help them place the order.

The basic duties of a baker include , checking the quality of baking ingredients, preparing equipment for baking, measuring and weigh flour and other, combining measures ingredients in mixers or blenders, kneading and rolling out dough, to create colors and design intricate designs for each pastry created. . “The downside of professional Cooking is that the work can be extremely difficult ; the hours are long, and it exhaust you down to the bone. A typical work day is often well over 8 hours and you rarely get a break. I once mentioned that at a fancy dinner party which completely stopped forks in mid-air. People has no concepts of jobs without breaks. If you’re sick and injured you’re still expected to work”( N/A). Although there are pros and cons to being a pastry chef completing that final task on that cake or cupcake and that smile on that customers face makes everything worth it!

Bakers have many opportunities of growth within their careers. Most schools or institutions that offer baking and pastry careers offer many internships and often require those to have a certain amount of hours worked to obtain their certificate of diploma. Even just an average Grocery store baker can make on average 30, 000 a year. Annual income for a pastry chef owner is on average 30, 000 to 80, 000 a year. With a monthly check ranging from 2, 000-5, 000. “ employment for bakers in 2014 was 186, 300 and in 2024 is expected to be 198, 300” ( What bakers do ). Most firms offer health insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, and even vacations. Most pastry chefs thrive in the cities that are known for their pastries such as, France, Italy, New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. About 3 in 10 Bakers work part time. Chefs and cooks are known to work 50 to 70 hours a week and up to 1/ hours per day. Making it the culinary field is hard, but along the way receive many benefits for the future. The future of party chefs will be continuously bright. It is very unlikely that the pastry chef Job will go anywhere. In fact in the next 8 years, ”The job outlook increase for pastry chefs is 7% “( Become a Pastry Artist). The field is constantly changing inventing and designing new ideas and brands for the job. “ It is expected to grow as a fast as the average for all occupants. Population and income growth are expected to result in greater demand for specialty baked goods, such as cupcakes, pies, and cakes from grocery stores, retail, bakeries, and restaurant”( What bakers do). Don’t worry your favorite dessert is not going anywhere!

Considering all education, skill, duties, opportunities, and future for pastry chefs, one willLearn how much time effort and hard work it takes to fulfill this dream. One can obtain any and everything the dream or want to accomplish in this career as long as there passion and desire for the job stays. That’s why one day my dream job will never have to be a dream anymore because the dream will come true.

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