A Modest Proposal To Solve Ocean Polution Problem

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It is a shame to have to witness the disgusting debris that lay on our oceans surface, as well as our planets air source. The amount of rubbish in our planet is about 2. 6 trillion pounds of waste, and this all goes into our ecosystem. Not to mention, more than 80 percent of this waste goes into the ocean, polluting our beaches, marine life, and offshore animals. Worst part of it all is that not a quarter of the country recycles, and it is caused by a number of problems. Not recycling is a major cause of the state governments and city courts. Most cities do not have recycling options within condominium and association- based living arrangements since it is a hassle to make individuals separate the trash and recyclable items into their respective bins. t is not only garbage that pollutes our waters, it is also the many forms. Oil from boats, airplanes, and buses are all causes to the source of our pollution.

On my behalf, I propose the best solution: kill off the individuals who have become a part of our pollution problem. This in turn can benefit multiple other world problems, such as overpopulation and world hunger. These consequences may sound harsh but in reality it is not. These individuals have proven by their actions that they do not care about the world around them, as well as the individuals who share the planet with them. Their actions give off a signal that they do not care about whether our oceans and air quality is the best, they just want to live their life and continue to pollute our oceans and kill innocent ocean life. With this method of keeping our oceans safe and our air quality as best as possible, we can in turn use the body’s ashes and remains as composting material and natural fertilizers. World hunger is also a major problem in our community, and by eliminating these foul individuals in this manor, we can then benefit from this. Crops can then grow quicker without all the harsh chemicals in fertilizers, and mass production can also occur at a faster pace.

In conclusion, our community, as well as our planet is being dumped with an abnormal amount of waste into our oceans and air quality. With my proposal, this world issue will most definitely come to a halt and can in turn benefit society with better crops, better air quality, and eliminate the problem of overpopulation. Our oceans and air quality is very important, and if we go about this proposal, life in this community will definitely prosper.

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