A Few Marketing Plans to Strengthen Malaysia Airlines’ Brand

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Amongst a few marketing plans that Malaysia Airlines’ could apply is consumer orientated sales promotion. In applying consumer orientated promotion, Malaysia Airlines’ can offer price-off deals on their plane tickets. Consumers are usually price sensitive, hence with applying price-off deals, consumers’ purchase decisions would be impacted towards having the desire to purchase flight tickets due to the lower price point compared to other flight tickets, thus increasing the sales of tickets. However, price-off deals are only going to be a short term marketing strategy.

Furthermore, for the long run, Malaysia Airlines’ could also offer loyalty programs. By applying loyalty programs and taking advantage of the country’s tourism appeal, Malaysia Airlines’ could offer free trips to tourist attractions in the country as rewards in exchange for collecting points through ticket purchases. In applying loyalty programs, ticket sales would increase due to the fact that regulars would consistently purchase tickets in order to gain points. Furthermore, with loyalty programs, members would consistently support the airline due to the benefits that they obtain through the loyalty programs. Through loyalty programs, Malaysia Airlines’ will be able to gain their own regular customers, thus allowing them to be able to carry out direct marketing too.

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Moreover, another marketing plan that could be used by Malaysia Airlines’ is digital marketing. By constantly advertising on social media platforms, the public would be intrigued to purchase airline tickets from Malaysia Airlines’ as long as the social media campaigns are captivating and impactful. In applying digital marketing, Malaysia Airlines’ could start paid advertising on multiple social media platforms by including the country’s tourism appeal to make the advertisement more captivating. Considering most people in this modernised era use social media in their daily lives, this form of marketing would be one of the most effective ways to increase ticket sales.

In order to strengthen Malaysia Airlines’ reputation, the airline could increase their brand’s credibility through public relations. Through public relations, the airline could involve themselves more in charity events and provide fundings to foundations in need. By doing so, the airline would be able to build up a positive reputation and people willingly support the airline knowing that part of the money is put to good use.

Furthermore, Malaysia Airlines’ could gain publicity by carrying out campaigns that could benefit the society, hence advertising their brand for free on the news or any social media platform. People are usually interested in issues that benefit the society and with the help of social media, the public would share such information about the company, thus by emotionally engaging with the public, Malaysian Airlines’ will be able to easily build a positive reputation.

Last but not least, Malaysia Airlines’ could also get a well-known celebrity to be the face of their airline. By hiring a celebrity to be the face of their airline, Malaysia Airlines’ would be able to strengthen their reputation due to the fact that most people would pay attention and support a certain brand or company when there is a public figure involved.

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