Why is Responsibility Important in Everyday Life

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What is social responsibility, why is responsibility important? Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform to the community. A better future is what we seek for the upcoming generation and youth and the best to bring about the expected changes is when they are fully motivated and inspired by the longed-for goals of their community, they are the cornerstone and the constructors of the future, therefore, We believe that youth should receive constant motivation and support from educational intuitions, their families and, youth support programs. When youth understand their role and are carefully guided they will develop a sense of responsibility and belonging to the society. Today my group and I would like to share our thoughts on how to motivate youths to learn social responsibility.

To motivate the youths to learn social responsibility, we have to teach them in the early stages that social responsibility is important and it’s a duty that every individual has to perform.

Youth support programs can help the youth by giving them the support and the help they need and developing them to become socially responsible. There are a lot of youth support programs such as king Salman youth center which is a non-profit charity that works to support young people and aims to inspire young people to build professional leadership. Another example is the centennial fund is another example of a youth support program, the centennial fund which an independent non-profit organization that funds youth projects, enabling the new generation of Saudi men and women to start their own businesses through counseling, facilitation, and lending. And transforming them from job seekers to job providers, and finally helping them achieve financial independence.

Families can engage youths to be socially responsible. They should support them and give them the tools to be able to serve their country. They should have the proper education. This kind of education enables them to better share the change and the development of a better country. Education will give the youths the opportunity to take part and to carry out the aspired plans and programs of their community. Education is the tool for better participation.

We should prepare them to be can-do leaders. Good models should be introduced and encouraged to stimulate the others and motivate them for further participation and much exertion. They are going to work well as long as they are engaged in something they like to do. Otherwise, they will withdraw and be distracted and passive.

Education will help them think critically and analytically to provide solutions for their nation's problems and challenges. Education can help create problem solvers that can achieve development and change. Education will enable them to adopt experiential attitudes and provide solutions for their community problems based on scientific approaches.

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We should create the want within them to participate and play active roles in their society. So, they will be positive and constructive. We should give them vent to be decision-makers and to be capable of disaster management. We should train them to learn about conflict management. This will enable them to sail the ship of the nation safely even in the middle of the tumultuous waters of the multitudinous seas.

Moreover, we should foster their sense of belonging to their nation. They are the ones that will own their world and the ones that should care about it. They should feel that the world is theirs and none but them will benefit from it. High morale should be instilled within them. Their active attitude toward their nation will enable them to make the change

Youths have the ability to develop their country. Much care should be given to them to be active participants and leaders of their country. The proper education should be provided to prepare a generation that is physically and mentally capable of confronting the future through a scientific sound and clear vision.

The development of students' responsibility is a collective task between the family and the school. They need integrated work between them without ignoring one another for the children to develop a sound mind that develops their minds and shapes their personalities and creates a generation capable of understanding and analyzing instead of looking and learning.

The responsibility in education is defined as the responsibilities and obligations of the individual. To wards teachers, colleagues, friends, management, and learners. The most important factors that help in the development of social responsibility and the promotion of students' educational curricula are all the educational experiences and activities provided by schools to learners within or outside of them in order to assist them in the overall growth in all aspects of mental, cultural, religious, social and other growth that modifies their behavior and the achievement of the desired educational goals.

The curricula offered to students must be curricula that instill values, develop their abilities, develop their skills, guide them to the right way of receiving information, and good use in thinking, production, creativity, effective participation in opinion and action, contributing to community building, solving problems, encouraging them to work together and creating a spirit of cooperation that will develop their social responsibility. Instilling values ​​and principles, and Islamic ethics among students.

Youth people are the cornerstone of the future, they have all the potential and the abilities, they just need all the support from the social.

Families play a very important role in the preparation of socially responsible youths as future leaders. We should instill the spirit of self-denial, selflessness, solidarity, tolerance, and cooperation within our youth. They should be involved in their society and try to find solutions to its problems and concerns. They should be trained to be active participants in society. They should be involved in service-learning. This kind of learning gives vent to fully engage in the development and change of their community. 

To sum up, our youths are the core of progress whose contributions makes difference to the future of their countries.           

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