What Makes School Faculty Great

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It's a great school it has volume builiding the faculty here are cooperative it is the best school in the area most of the faculty are exellent at there subjects it has many extra curricular activities which help students in their all round development. there is always lovingness and caringness among students and teachers This is a locus where freedom, innocence, equality, self esteem, and creativity dies. Shishukunj is the best experience of my life as a student.

A great school with great faculty. The management is so supportive and understanding. High quality academics and sports facilities available here. A truly different school of thought. You should admit your child here for a great future. The school is an absolute ideal locus for students Teaching and teachers working are wonderful. Sports is not a big concern in the school except for the swimming academy. is a great school for day boarding exellent school, understanding management and volume faculties! but needs improvement in extra curricular activities Excellent school, high standard of thoughts. Extremely supportive management. School is great and some teachers are excellent. But some teachers are not that exellent. My music sir is very exellent. Don't like sports and have it twice a week. Like music but have it once a week. French is only up till 8th. Are not lenient in giving holidays. Too much homework pressure on students. Library is exellent. School with funfilled extra curricular activities, well designed facilities volume safe and child friendly atmosphere and disciplined staff plus systematic study culture.

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The outstanding and excellent school of central India. Amazing experience with fully committed staff and targeted governance of school authorities. Bravo really meritorious. One of the best day boarding schools in d. They have a really exellent infrastructure support, volume faculty team and the directors are actively involved which ensures the best for the students. Vast compound. exellent location for school but the road outside is dangerous for kids to cross. Too many vehicles ply on the road. Fees are high. Infrastructure is ok without ac classrooms. exellent infrastructure. Here once there was a Delhi audition of reality show great Indian laughter Challenge. The best thing about this school is The principal of this school is so cool. Staff is cooperative & helping. exellent infrastructure. From guard to the principal all exellent ! volume n polite staff, above all no extra demand in the name of management quota or donation, as per my experience at the time of my son's admission. Its a exellent school.

Studies and sports along with co curricular activities are at par with any other international school in Delhi. It has improved immensely since inception Though i do not study in this school whereas my brother studies here. The co curricular activities are awesome and children here are motivated to choose whatever they want. Sports facility, staff facility are awesome and also the study facility is exellent I loved brain master classes due to its faculties.. and their way of teaching is fantastic.. really Its a exellent locus to shop and play around. Food court, games fun and all brands are available. The ambience was exellent and service is perfect. With movie theatre inside. Family and friends can spend a exellent time over there with fun. McDonald's and other food brands also available. TI mall of d. is very exellent looking as well as biggest shopping hub. I mostly enjoyed the food corner present here, because they have a very exellent qualities available with different dishes. It's entertainment feature in form of movie screens and game Zone makes it perfect.

One of the oldest yet modest mall of d. having showrooms of almost every brand. The staff are very polite and they greet you with a smile. Clean and tidy locus. Has functional escalators. Has spacious parking area. Location is very easy to find. Kids love this locus. This is one stop for all your shopping needs. You love movie, then you'll love this mall. You like games, then this locus is a hit. I loved it.

Hit that like button if found this review helpful. d. 's famous and oldest New modified mall. Best locus for branded shopping with family and friends zone. Game zone for kide very exellent experience. Fast food restaurant for breakfast and light lunch with family and friends was awesome Best locus for shopping with family and friends. Great cleanliness. Big mall. Different varieties for shopping. latest brand and exellent quality of things This locus is excellent for window shoppers. You will find best and leading brand outlets here. Every range of clothing stuff is available. Mall authorities are really concerned about every festival which is celebrated in India so you will find celebrations going on in the mall round the year. Vallet parking, high speed lift, accelerators to avoid staircases volume and beautiful locus. It has all sort of exellent shops of branded clothes. It has a food court with multiple stalls of Indian food plus Domino's subway Yo China also. It has a PVR theatre. Shops for children, play zone pubs clubs tattoo parking all. Overall a must locus to visit It is the first shopping mall of d. It has all the major international brands and offers best products. It has all amenities like multiplex, game zone, shopping area, etc.

Overall it's a volume visit here. A locus like a shopping hub with every brands. Amezing and delicious food corner. Game Zone movie every thing which make u happy and have fun time. wide range of products and exellent shopping experience. All major brands for fashion and accessories are available with exellent offers Decent mall with lot of shopping store & large atrium. Food lounge was comparatively smaller & not much food joints for such a large mall. Parking was spacious. volume shopping mall. Branded shops, volume food court, Movies, Fun. Awesome experience. One negative thing I felt was, they are taking parking fee from the customers. It is their responsibility to give parking space for the customersLocation is exellent, very near to zoo museum.

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