Personality Development In University Co-Curricular Activities

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Personality development of students in Raffles University Iskandar will find out through the programme of co-curricular activities. Definition of co-curricular activities is developing confident, teamwork, sense of responsibility, sociability, and others. In this programme, students feel free to create their own events and ideas is open to sports, debates, athletics, and others creative events. Students in a team will planning, scheduling, budgeting, and other decisions made for every single discussion when the assignment was given. 8 January, we were given an assignment which is planning an event and proposal for an event planning for everyone in Raffles University Iskandar.

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We started grouping ourselves and brainstorming for the event. Because it is the first group’s meeting, everything just roughly goes through. But before the end of the first meeting, we had set our direction for our event is low budgets but interesting. So, we decided every group member back home and mind-mapping the ideas of the event. 15 January, we had one idea came from Kok Long is an event for a big title of “RECYCLE”. The event is going to collect the angpau, broken poker cards, aluminium cans, and kind of recycle materials after Chinese New Year. Then, it will have an event for the decoration of recycling materials and the event will be a vote from everyone in Raffles University Iskandar.

The voting will depend on how less they use the glues or whatever materials cannot be recycled and how creative they have done their outcomes as beautiful as. And this event will be the one which is the lowest budget compared to others. After discussion, we thought this is enough interesting but after that had no “useful”. So, we had added an extra requirement to our event is show our kindness to charity. 22 January, we finally decided to make a photography gallery and the objectives are let people may have more times to care about the people, environment, and objects beside them and “STOP TO LOOKING PHONE”. Budgets are lower than others’ teams because what we need is only some small materials for hang and those photos the participators have to print themselves.

We will have a fund-raising for this event and some of the budgets will use to the event and the left we will buy some stationery for the orphanage. Participators will get a certificate for joining us and the popular depend from voting will get a souvenir from us. 29 January, each group has to present their event and we successfully have the lowest budget event compared to others’ teams. What we desire to do, everything is well planned and felt grateful that we show our teamwork as a team member to plan an interesting event for students in Raffles University Iskandar. Have fun. Thank you.

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