Are Co Curricular Activities That Important

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School plays a part and parcel role in education and provides the foundation for a student’s future career. Hence, picking the right subjects during school days and college is necessary. Consequently, some people believe that schools must add subjects related to co-curricular activities in their syllabus. Although, introducing these subjects would surely present an opportunity to acquire new skills; however, I believe that academic subjects should be given more preference in time-table. In this essay, I will delve deeper into this topic and also present my personal perspective.

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There are umpteen deductions behind introducing additional subjects like Art, Drama or Theater in the syllabus. First and foremost, many people state that if a student studies continuously for too long, they may lose interest in the subject and feel bored. However, adding some recreational subjects, for instance, sports and music can make them bit comfortable and relaxed. Secondly, if school administrations start providing classes about these subjects along with other academic subjects then students would be highly benefited as they will be able to learn these skills without paying any extra bucks to learn these skills. Ultimately, these additional subjects are beneficial for students who have an inclination towards subjects others than academics and who want to pursue a career in those areas in the future.

The other school of thoughts has contradictory outlooks over the matter.

In their opinion, additional subjects are wasting student's valuable time which they might utilize in honing their knowledge for a professional career. Moreover, in today's cut-throat competitive era skills such as painting and poetry doesn't provide enough money to fulfill even one's basic needs. Moreover, if a student is exceptionally keen to learn these skills, they have the option of joining separate coaching classes after school.

After pondering over all the aforementioned reasons, I believe I accord with the introduction of extra-curricular subjects as they would help students to learn additional skills different from the traditional academics subjects. However, designing of the syllabus is entirely up to school authorities.

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