The System Of Education: If I Could Change The World

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If I could change the world, I would completely change the system of education. It hasn’t changed for hundreds of years, and the current system was designed in the Industrial Age. This means, that children in school have to obey every order and do only what teachers tell them to do, which is very important for working in a factory. But the world has changed a lot.

 Nowadays, people with creativity are much more valuable to the world. Schools are also using a system of inauthentic learning, which means that students in school are simply memorizing and quickly forgetting, leading to a lack of knowledge. The system also doesn’t care about what we want to become or what we are good at. There are a lot of talented people that didn’t even finish school or they just had bad grades. For example, Steven Spielberg failed 6th grade, Albert Einstein was expelled, and Steve Jobs dropped out of College. The system also doesn’t understand that there are differences in how we learn and how much time does it take for an individual to understand something. The worst thing about this is if you need more time to understand, you are considered a failure. Last but not least is the problem of lecturing. Today, children have to sit and listen to a teacher for about 5 hours a day. Nobody can concentrate for that long and the system just doesn’t want to understand that.

I would create a new learning environment that would be more than a building with four walls. Programs would intend to promote diversity in schools. Children and students would travel in different countries, and get to know the world by themselves and not by the pictures and their descriptions in books. I think that students also need more internships in schools, so they could get to know what would it be like to work in different companies and other work institutions. It would also have to be based on technology, and every student would get a chance to work with a computer, and get to know useful programs on it. I would also hire the best programmers to create a program in which a computer would learn, what are the users’ interests. So the content we would be learning, would be based on what we are interested in the most.

In my opinion, the ideal world would be full of positivity, good and healthy people that inspire each other. To be realistic, a single person can’t change the world but everyone can do something to improve it. The first step towards the ideal world would be to stop with negativity, racism, and hate we cherish towards each other. 

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