What Happened to Myspace and Is It Still Active

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Once a social networking site dies, old user would naturally find alternatives in other platforms. Same can be said for Myspace which was one of those sites that once occupied the topmost position, only to later fall behind as more innovative social networking sites came to take the lead. So, is this an indication that Myspace is dead? It is not in doubt that the platform has experienced some difficult times in the past few years, but it is still used by millions of people as their major social networking sites. Read on to get the full details on the current status of the site.

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What Happened to Myspace

Between 2005 and 2008, Myspace was the most used social networking site, being only launched in 2003. The founders of the platform drew inspiration from Friendster, and the site officially went live on web in January 2004. Within one month of operation, it had already attracted over one million people which increased to five million by November 2004. Myspace gained ground on Yahoo! Mail and Google Search by 2006, emerging as the most visited site in all of America. By middle of 2006, reports came that Myspace was responsible for almost 80% of the entire traffic linked to social network. The platform greatly influenced music and the pop culture as artists extensive leveraged on it to showcase their diverse talents as well as connect with their fans. It was possible for them to upload their mp3 discographies, selling their music right from their profiles. 2008 saw the launching of major redesigns for the site’s music pages, which introduced a new set of feature. However, Myspace began to gradually lose to Facebook, everybody witnessed how Facebook grew to become the Internet behemoth we all know today. According to verifiable records, both Myspace and Facebook were drawing 115 million in unique global visitors count monthly, though Myspace was still leading in the United States. The site experienced its all-time high in the US in December 2008, peaking at 75.9 million in unique visitors count.

As Facebook gained ground, Myspace was busy with a succession of redesigns as well as layoffs in a bid to redefine itself as a top social entertainment networking site from 2009 and beyond. A report came in March 2011 that Myspace dropped from drawing 95 million unique visitors to 63 million within the previous 12 months. Although the decline of Myspace networking site was triggered by numerous events and factors, it is largely believed that it was not adept at innovations which was the only way to keep up with the soaring competition that came from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are both known to engage in countless redesigns as well as new features, and has also made immense contributions in reshaping the entire social web. However, Myspace has been quite stagnant for a long time, and the chances of making a true comeback seems to get slimmer and slimmer, in spite of all the effort it made to launch several redesign solutions.

Is It Still Active and Are People Still Using It

Many former users are of the belief that Myspace is unofficially dead, and truth be told, the site has extensively lost the popularity it used to enjoy, and in the process, a lot of money has been lost. Many users have moved on to some other popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Present day artists now favor sites like YouTube and Vimeo for video sharing. Though they were formerly small, these platforms have developed into huge social community sites which people can leverage on for massive exposure. For the records, Myspace is far from dead, it is still very much active. A simple navigation to myspace.com will tell you all you need to know, the site is still there for anybody who wishes to use it, and as at 2016, it was boasting of about 15 million in active visitors on a monthly basis, and the number is not improving much. Relative to Facebook’s 160 million in monthly visitors, 15 million for Myspace is a far cry, however, it puts the site on the same level as other known platforms like Google Hangouts at 14.62 million in monthly visitors and though WhatsApp is higher, it has 19.56 monthly users which is also close. Many past users regard Myspace to be as good as dead, but it still thrives on a much lesser scale compared to what it used to be.

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