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What Happened to Myspace and Is It Still Active

Once a social networking site dies, old user would naturally find alternatives in other platforms. Same can be said for Myspace which was one of those sites that once occupied the topmost position, only to later fall behind as more innovative social networking sites came...

The Effects of Social Media on the Mental Health

I never really thought about social media, or if it was good or bad. To me, it was just like a thing that was there, and everyone used it. The first really big social media site was myspace, but I wasn’t even born when it...

Rhetoric Ways in Spinelli’s Social Media: No Friend of Private Privacy

Let us point out social media. That net factor as some previous people describe it. we tend to area unit at a brand new age. With multiple technological advancements by the day. And that’s not simply it. These technological advancements area unit therefore speedy that...

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