United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Factors that Unite Americans Together

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America is a country that functions most efficiently when its citizens are united. Unity is what brings every nation to acquire a strong community of individuals. Yet, there always seems to be a factor which divides us in the midst of all this peace and harmony. Despite the bigotry that exists within this society of people, we are always met with something special that brings us together in the end to work as one effective nation.

As of today, the United States is faced with a dilemma regarding whether or not its people are able to coalesce as one human race. This argument has brought many to retain conflicted feelings about our unity as a nation, some even saying that America represents a nation of both unity and division. Nonetheless, in the face of all this controversy, it is evident that the unity of this nation, and any other nation, overpowers the division that takes place amid the people. In fact, individuals can unite as one human race through a common goal and the belief that “all men are created equal”.

To start off, a factor that unites people of a country is having a common goal to fight for. In “A Quilt of A Country”, Anna Quindlen explains how Americans have been able to unite under the goal of fighting against a common threat. She clarifies that terroism has “led to [both] devastation–and unity” (5). Quindlen is suggesting that the people of America are motivated to come together by the idea of fighting against a common threat, which in this case happens to be terrorism. Because most individuals share the common concern of ensuring security and protection within their nation, they tend to unite and work together as one during times of devastation and failure of their country.

Additionally, in “The Gettysburg Address”, Abraham Lincoln talks about the importance of “be[ing] dedicated to the unfinished work which they [the soldiers] who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced” (27-28). Lincoln has gathered the citizens of America in one area to pay respect to the soldiers who have courageously fought for the preservation of the nation. This is the reason why the people, at the time, had come together to unite as one. By joining forces, these citizens were able to fulfill the want for unity of which the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle had fought for. People are inclined to do anything that it takes to protect their nation from all aspects of harm. Hence why they often unite as a result of a common goal they are willing to accomplish together.

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In addition to being united through a common goal, the people of America are also brought together because of the belief in equality. In “A Quilt of a Country”, Quindlen describes the immigrants in America as a group of individuals who are “not so different from our own parents or grandparents” (6). The author further explains how the U.S. immigrants are no more different than the native born citizens of America because of the common customs they experience in life (Quindlen 6). Likewise to one’s ancestors, immigrants are accustomed to a daily routine of school, work, and struggles. Regardless of race or color, these individuals of dissimilar backgrounds can, indeed, integrate as one entity. This supports the idea that people can unite due to the belief that “all men are created equal” because it shows that different ethnic groups are as equally as alike to another since they have similar rituals they go through in everyday life.

Additionally in “Making the Future Better, Together”, Eboo Patel explains that America was able to become an undivided nation due to the influence of representatives like George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. (6). In other words, greatness was able to be achieved within the American nation under the impact of advocates who supported the notion that “all men are created equal”. King, for example, had presented his speech based off of the idea that everyone was born equal to one another. Because of this, many white citizens at the time were able to realize the importance of guaranteeing equal rights and justice to black citizens. Not only did the black citizens gain more support from the white population, but the idea of working together as a united nation rather than a divided nation influenced both black and white citizens to unite as one nature. Individuals are capable of uniting as one race due to the belief that everyone is equal. This belief in equality has led to positive outcomes for the nation as well as for the citizens living in the country.

There are some who believe that individuals cannot unite as one human race because of the racism that proceeds to divide mankind. Although this may be true in some cases such as in “Once Upon a Time” when the wall segregated the family from the prejudicial society around them (Gordimer 15), it is clear that, as of today, people are taking measures to prevent further acts of racism and inequality.

In “Making the Future Better, Together”, Patel justifies that “taking part in action” can “lower the barriers that make people believe we are better apart” (7). Many people today are fighting to end racial prejudice through many ways. From supporting laws that prevent racism to attending protests that advocate for anti-racism, people are now able to combat racism by working together to fix the vast issue. Not only that, but social media has also become a platform where people can encourage others to join the fight against racism. As the days continue to pass, more and more people are starting to come together to find better ways to end racism. Individuals are beginning to integrate as one entity while taking strides together to pave the way to ending racism.

In conclusion, individuals can, in fact, unite as one human race. This is because of a common goal and the belief that “all men are created equal”. We, as individuals, know that a united nation functions more successfully than a divided nation. We can even see this in today’s present-day society. Unity is what brings the United States of America to vigorously stand as one powerful nation, unlike other countries where people are faced with division and conflict amongst one another. Our country is a diverse nation consisting of such disparate people, but regardless, we manage to stay interwoven as one human race. If it wasn’t for the unity of this nation, America would not be the country that it is today.

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