Religious Freedom, Kindness And Human Rights Are What Makes America Great 

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Many things make America great, but the main topic that stands out the most to me is Human kindness. That is only one of the three reasons why America is great. America is also great because we have the right to freedom of religion, also we have the choice to marry whomever we choose, with the rules of age and the rules of getting a marriage license. While many other countries in the world are not as lucky as we are, for example, a lot of the things you do are decided by your family or parents, and you have no say in it. I will explain the topics of what makes America Great, and how and why we have more privileges than many other countries/places.

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Human kindness is a “phrase from Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, meaning humane feeling, concern for other people”, which means that we care for others when they are in need. We may not see it or experience it as often as we hope, but when we do, we are shown a whole nother side of the human race. We notice how much good people could do, by showing we care, all it takes is one little act of kindness at a time. We do not have to do very much, it could be as easy as, volunteering for something, or helping someone in need. If you think about it when people help each other it brings us closer together as a country. By helping each other we begin to understand that we are not alone and that someone cares. In return you get to know that you helped someone, that may have been hungry, cold, homeless, etc, but most of all you get the good feeling of knowing that you just made a difference, and that has to be the best feeling anyone could ever have. There are many other ways that human kindness has made America great, for example, when we give back to the community, or when you hold the door open for that little old lady. We may not know this but every little act of kindness is very much appreciated no matter how small it may be.

Another topic that makes America great is the freedom of religion. We are very lucky to have freedom of religion, because in many other countries you are made to believe in one religion and if you do not believe, then you are punished, or even put to death. While in America we are given the choice to choose our religions. For example, some people believe in many gods, and others believe in one god, and some people may not even believe in any god. We are not made to participate in any religious activities that we don't want to be in, we can choose whether or not we want to go to church. Most of all we are not punished for not believing in something that someone else believes in, we are free to make our decisions.No matter how crazy our decisions are we are never put to shame, in what we believe in, but not many people are as lucky as Americans ,they have to live there days being forced to study, and believe in someone else's religion,and some of them are very weird. Overall we are all our own person and we have the right to believe in anything that we would like it to believe in. For example, if you are an atheist you are a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.

My last and final topic that makes America great is the freedom to marry whomever you choose. In many other places, your family decides who you can and can't marry. Even in some countries, your family can have you put to death if you go behind their back and try to marry someone that they do not approve of, it is considered very disrespectful. While in the United States, we are given the freedom to marry who we choose. We can marry anyone, no matter the race, religion, family. When it comes to other countries your family/parents decided if your partner will benefit you, and sometimes they have you marry someone that is rich so that you will be set for life. The family does not care if you are happy or not they just marry you to the person that is the best option for you. In America we are allowed to marry anyone we choose, you have the decision to marry someone who is white, black Mexican, etc. Also in other countries, you are married to older people. In mexico when you turn 15, you are considered a woman and your parents begin to look for a husband for you. Your husband could be any age, many young women are married at the age of 15, for example, my aunt that was living in Mexico turned 15 and her mom and dad had her marry a man that was 49 years old because of how much money he had, and that he could have taken care of her. For me, I am very lucky because when I get married it will be for someone who loves me for me and doesn't care that I make mistakes and that I am not perfect.

In conclusion, America is great for many, many reasons, but the three topics that stuck with me the most those three topics were human kindness, freedom of religion, and the right to marry who you chose. We are very lucky because many other people in different states are forced to marry someone they don't love or to be made to believe in something that they don't believe in. While in the United States of America we are free and we get to decide what we do with our lives, like believe in some of the craziest things but hey it is up to you, you do what makes you happy, and live your life instead of having someone else control you. It is all up to us how we make an impact on the world. 

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