Types of Parental Neglect and Its Effect on Children

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Neglect is defined as the refusal or failure by those responsible to provide a care dependent older adult with assistance in daily living tasks, or essential support such as food, clothing, shelter, health and medical care. (INPEA/WHO 2002). In my study I found that aged women were neglect by their family. There family members did not give them proper respect, care, food and did not take advices in any decisions because of that aged women in slums were feel neglect of herself by their family members. Their daughter-in laws most of time scold them and behave like a servant they also give their household work like sweeping, do dishes etc. this condition of our aged really disgusting. In India aged persons are symbol of respect, love and care beside this our age persons treat like a servant. This is really very bad scenario of our society.


In my study I found physical violence as physical pain or injury to an aged woman, such as pushing, grabbing, slapping, hitting, acid attack, or assaulting with a weapon or thrown object. In my study I found 7-9 aged women who were victim of acid attack by their relatives and family members for the one room house and money. How we can beat our aged persons for some property and money? Where our value gone? One can never forget that he cannot be young always, one day everyone become old and then their children do same when what they will feel. There is so much necessary to think about this type of activity.

Emotional Abuse

Means verbal assaults, threats of abuse, harassment, or intimidation. In present study I found aged women suffering from emotional violence also by their relatives and family members. Their family member first beat them and after that emotionally try to convent them. This was very ridiculous thing of family members about their aged persons.

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Means restraining or isolating an aged, other than for medical reasons. Aged women in slums also suffering from confinement;

Willful Deprivation

Means denying an aged medication, medical care, shelter, food, a therapeutic device, or other physical assistance, and exposing that person to the risk of physical, mental, or emotional harm—except when the aged, competent adult has expressed a desire to go without such care. In slums aged women suffering willful deprivation. Their family member did not give them proper food, medical care when aged women injured by their family member or when they were suffering from fever etc.


This form of abuse includes verbal and non-verbal emotional abuse, which may be further defined as active or passive. This describes actions intended to inflict mental pain, anguish or distress on an aged person (Luoma 2011). In slum many of aged women were suffering from psychological violence by their family members and their relatives.


This form of violence describes illegal or improper use of an aged person’s for money, property or assets. In slums family and relatives of aged women torture them for money and property, aged were beaten, scolded even for the property they were suffer from acid attack also. In slums some aged women make toys of sour when they earn some money from this, their family members snatch their money even some widow aged women in slum was getting widow pension their family member also bring their widow pension.


This form of abuse does not include a perpetrator, but rather refers to an aged person who inadvertently, due to diminish capacity, neglects to care for their own from their family members and relatives.

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