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Rapid increment and, particularly, increasing urbanization, have created shelter one among the foremost vital challenges presently facing African nation. Increasing overcrowding, declining quality of housing and access to housing services characterize a lot of of the housing stock in African nation. The housing challenges ar thus of 2 types: the number and quality of housing. As through empirical observation delineate within the African nation Housing Profile of 2011, the case of quantitative and qualitative challenges within the housing sector is incredibly serious, requiring pressing action (Ghana National Policy, 2015).

A study commissioned by FinMark Trust in 1995 into the event of housing in continent, uncovered that highly-paid staff have enough resources to formally own homes whereas the individuals of upper-middle-class fund the development of their own homes steady, ofttimes in unplanned and unapproved areas which could lack sure basic amenities like water, electricity, and access to sensible roads. These teams (middle class) of individuals ar typically the general public and civil servants United Nations agency have government guarantees for quasi-mortgage out there to high-net-worth purchasers through variety of banks.

Low-income earners, on the opposite hand, cannot afford to fund the development of their own homes and consequently, resort to leasing homes in shanty and unapproved territories within the urban regions. they generally find yourself going into rural housing wherever there's a comparatively low-cost offer of land.

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In Ghana, solely concerning five-hitter of the world will own a house through their terribly own resources whereas hour would need some form of financial help with the remaining thirty fifth being classified as people United Nations agency will ne'er own a house (GREDA, 1998).

For the hour, United Nations agency would possibly need some financial facilitate, mortgage finance alternatives are created by most of the industrial banks, money establishments, and cash connected organizations. A much better alternate resolution would be for the stakeholders within the housing sector to travel into social housing (AFFORDABLE HOUSING).

During the Nineteen Seventies, the Acheampong Government began a well-thought-out public housing for the African nation Police Service in Cape Coast, African nation (Ghanaweb, 2008). the main focus was on the supply of appropriate accommodation for the law. the first purpose was to induce the cops to reside close-by to afford them the comfort and conjointly enhance their public image as a security establishment inside the Cape Coast Municipality.

The objective was to form a residential facility that may facilitate them to attend to their obligations on time further as respond promptly to emergency cases. The enterprise was supported and initiated in 1972. However, despite the very fact that massive sums of monies had already been tense into the project, it absolutely was halted when the overthrow of President Acheampong in 1978.

As with this initiative, identical unhappy scenario affects most government reasonable housing comes in African nation. Having delayed completion for many years, this project may be thought-about together of the failing government comes visible of the very fact that the project length has long move on and actual construction works have ceased departure most uncompleted structures at the mercy of the weather and squatters.

In light-weight of the on top of, the essential goal of this paper is to spot the factors resulting in the non-completion of the project and lessons to forge away forward. 

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