The Way Social Media Influences Many Audiences Worldwide

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Did you know companies purposely give you ads or sponsors based on your likes on social media? Many see the negative side of social media, but what they overlook is how media has an impact on marketing. Media allows companies to analyze and target consumers’ demands. The platform that social media has created has changed how we see marketing today and has helped influence many audiences worldwide.

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Marketing has benefited from social media. Media gives chance for many companies to give an appearance and to gain many followers as possible. Social media has impacted the relationship between companies and its customers. This allows the customer to have more control instead of companies have the upper hand all the time. Corporations have developed new techniques in gaining more audience. Corporations also create polls and mini videos through media to appeal the audience demands. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow businesses to target more audience worldwide based their likes and dislikes on these platforms. They first start by seeing what social media accounts click “likes” on media, that will allow social media platforms to get more of the companies pop ups that fit the user's interest. Companies now know how to target audience demands faster than ever. Media give companies a way to promote their companies through these pop ups. Companies gain better understanding of their customers by them sharing their insight on media. It give companies a chance to improve their products to the likes of the audience. The significance of businesses using media as a form of marketing allows to reach a wider audience and how to fit their merchandise to the audience demands. Business ties in with the changing lifestyle, demands and resources of a consumer. When we have a role model we admire them and want to be like them; businesses have reached out to many audiences by celebrity endorsements. To this day celebrity endorsement are known as an old tactic. Social media takes a big part in this method.

Nowadays we see more Instagram role models also known as Instafamous take part in this as well. The followers notice the accessories these role models wear and purchased it. In the article “Celebrity Endorsement In Social Media Marketing” by Janina Rantanen she mentioned that “Not only will an influencer have a wide network but everybody in that network have their own networks and so on. This means that if you get the celebrity to like your product and they talk about it or post it on their social media account, their followers will see it and be most likely at least a little bit in intrigued by that product and go do their own research on the subject and possibly will buy the product or service themselves and tell about it to their friends.” They also consider it a way to test whether the company is trustworthy or not. The trust between the corporation and consumers is very important this days. That's when celebrity endorsement comes in. We see their honest opinions about a certain company, and its merchandise.

In conclusion social media has benefited marking in many ways and it helps them gain a bigger audience and is a faster way of knowing the customers’ demands. Many companies develop new tactics which have become very successful. Many corporations rely on the platform of social media to promote and understand their customers wants through celebrity endorsement.

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