The Unfair Imprisonment and Treatment of Black People

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In the United States, the imprisonment rates for black people is very high. The imprisonment rate shows how many people are arrested for more than one year under federal bureau. In this country black people are more imprisoned than white people are today (Hager, 2017). In about one of every 10 black kids has a parent arrested between within one of every 60 white kids according to what the Stanford Center says about Poverty and Inequality itself. This has been an issue for so long that this has now become a norm in the United States. It is a surprise that the last 15 years, according to racial disparity america’s prison system has been unacceptable. Racial Disparity means when one race/ethnic group in the system has a better percentage than other race/ethnic groups population. And white peoples imprisonment rate has been doing better than black peoples imprisonment rate. In 2000 and 2015 the imprisonment rate for black men has became lower the 24%,while white men imprisonment has been increasing its rates. To explain this topic, an analysis will be provided that shows information regarding the imprisonment rates between blacks and whites.It is even more complicated for women’s imprisonment rate. During the from the years 2000 to 2015 the black women imprisonment rate has been decreased by 50% while the white women rate has increased by 53%. The incarceration for black women and white women was once before 6 to 1, but now it is 2 to 1. In the year 2000, the local detention number for black people has lowered from 256,300 to 243,400 while white peoples local detention number went from 260,500 to 335,100. According to the charts in the Vera Institute of Justice the significant drops within arresting black people in New York and Los Angeles while there is no change within white people. The racial disparity has been so unfair and cruel to the black community.

The crimes, incarceration and arrests has been unaccepted after all and the most incarceration has been caused by African Americans since 1990’s according to what the marshall project says. In the 1990’s african americans were getting arrested for all crimes more than white people were for crimes accept prostitution. The percent drop for black peoples arrest was 22% for crime and the percent drop for white peoples arrest was 11% in the years 2000 to 2009, and that made incarceration transform the racial disparity in america. The war on drugs for black people has become outrageous against their. The main drugs that has been on focus for black people is marijuana, meth and crack which this caused the rage for the black vs white and their disparity on the crime for drugs.

Around 1994 the bill for the crimes that was caused that year was the blame for black people and their incarceration. But things started to change white people started to get arrested for drugs a lot more also in the year 2000. According to BJS said that the rate for black peoples imprisonment rate on for drugs has decreased by 16%, while the imprisonment rate for white people had increased 27%. In 1890s crack has devastated black people while meth was devastating white people recently. African Americans have been losing globalization for jobs, and unionization since 2008. The prison system in america is still failing for black communities and the racial disparity is not acceptable. The imprisonment rate has been more outraging for black men today than it is for black women. In 2000, robbery was going outrageous for blacks and whites and it also caused incarceration for them. The incarceration for robbery within white people increased 21% and for black people it decreased 9%. These situations caused African Americans to lose globalization, automization, and the cause of mortgage crisis and loss of wages and loans.

This has caused African Americans to lose jobs and have also caused them to lose globalization and automation.It also caused them to lose mortgage crisis and their unionization and have their loans and wages become denied. Within the cause of the prison system in America the racial inequity continues to suffer and lack on becoming successful for the black communities worldwide. Racial disparity in the juvenile system has been getting worse and the disparities will not go away at the current rate.

White people today would react to this as if black people are the cause for themselves to go to jail and their the problem for what black people go through today. The prison system is a trap for African Americans and it has caused black incarceration has increased 3.7 more times, and when 2013 came the number for black incarceration increased even more from 3.7 to 4.3. In 2015, Michelle Alexander reacted to the imprisonment rates for blacks and wrote a letter to The Marshall Project explaining the problems that come with racial disparity.

She says “Until we learn that we are wasting true values for the black lives we will continue to muster and reckon our history today. We will end up repeating our cycle of the negativity of racial disparity in america today”. Racial and ethnic gaps have been decreasing for Whites and Blacks(Gramlich, 12 January 2018). According to black people the number for blacks getting arrested went from 486,900 to 584,800 while the numbers for whites getting arrested went from 439,800 to 490,000 at the end of 2016.

The black and white gap has been unacceptable and has had a 17% decrease in 2009-2016 for the black inmates while for white inmates they had a 10% decrease. The racial and ethnic for prisons in the United States looks way different for the country itself as a whole. Black people represented 12% in the United States and for the adult population for blacks today shows 33% in the prison sentence while for whites its 64% for white adults and 30% for prisoners in 2016. For every 100,000 black adults there were 1,608 black prisoners arrested more than five times the imprisonment rate itself for white people they had for every 100,000 white adults there 274 white prisoners in 2016. Basically there are 1,334 more blacks were arrested than whites during that year. Substantially the imprisonment rates has failed while the rate declined 25% of blacks.

A person named Nathaniel Lewis looks at the racial disparity issues today with blacks and whites and is driven by the economic disparities within the american prison system (Day, 2018). He explains how one class is the issue that is more than a single predictor for how much someone can be most likely behind bars today. America’s most depression are filled with people behind bars. Lewis says that white men that have the lowest income are more than 40% of being arrested meanwhile, the highest income for white men to be arrested is 9%. For the lowest income for black men is 52%, which they are way more of a chance to be locked up than white men are. The highest income for a black man to be arrested is 14%. The route for black people and their economic disadvantages run deep. Black americans remain themselves each year, behind their own white counterparts in every measure for economic being. The racial and ethnic gap for black families wealth will need two centuries to be able to match with white families wealth today.

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Lewis had crafted a counterfactual to see if there was an economic difference to white men and black men and couldn’t find one. He also made a graph for both white and black men class quintile for both of them. He said if one class were to be removed away, black and white incarceration would start to disappear, but not all the way. Racial wealth means when the United States show social advantages and disparity that can show different things within other races. Black men and white men who have been arrested for more than one year explains 85% of the racial gap itself. If the economic background we have today did not play its role less black men would be arrested. The argument isn’t about if economic inequality can get rid of racism or not, it argues about is that the criminal justice system is not a standalone widget, it has become a piece of a large machine itself. The only way we can reverse black incarceration itself, we have to find the issue with poverty itself that arrests black people today. This will not end racism itself but it can control racial disparity itself. It can be a way to decrease less discrimination for the criminal justice system. In each of the percentages of black men being arrested they have always out beat white people. But the truth is that not all black men are failing in america. Black men are actually succeeding in their middle class. They have been progressing in ways of becoming good men themselves.

Black men have been succeeding today in america according to the Washington Post (Wilcox W. Brayford, 3 July 2018). According to the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University they said most black men are more likely better than other men today, and that they are all not unemployed and poor. The black men poverty in 1960 went from 41% and dropped to 18% today, which is a sign that they are still working hard. The income for black men and their families has risen, since in 1960 their income was from 38% and increased to 57%. About one in neither two black men has accomplished a middle class or a higher class.

The routes black men have been taking to succeed in america today are their education skills, their work and marriage. Black men who were married, got their college education and had the availability to work full time jobs are ones that got their 50s. The black men that make it to their middle class or high class are three times better than black men who just get married. It also makes their financial wealth increase higher if they are married to a black woman that has high income than other married women. Black men who are veterans are more likely to get married than black men who did not serve the military. Schools and colleges need to give more support for black men that want to make it to their college because they well deserve it in the US, meanwhile white men are more likely to get into those colleges. If black men today strive enough to be successful and continue to work a full job, getting married and getting their education this can reduce racial prejudice, poverty and black incarceration.

African Americans will not only depend on racial and ethnic politics (Hochschild, Jennifer L, 1 March 1998). The key question for black people can involve on their success and cause them to unfold on their own relationship. The ethnic relations for black people is why can increase their complexity for themselves. The United States today has a striving success for the black middle class. African Americans deserved great measurements of income, occupation and education if they continue to strive hard and work hard enough for their lives today. Today schools for Black men has become greater disparity within the black community. African Americans that fell off experienced less racial discrimination, in their own lives, than did the ones who were very poor. Poor blacks were more affluent about themselves between well educated blacks that say “ White people want to end blacks”. Black people that are educated by colleges than blacks that dropout of high school think that “ The government discredits them” that “they make sure the government wants drugs to be available for the poor black people only to harm them”.

Educated blacks think that the discrimination we have today is the reason why the economic damages black people, and that caused 84% of middle class blacks and 66% working class blacks to agree. Poor African Americans and working class African Americans agree that they have been connect to Gunnar Myrdal which is known as “ The greatest national suggestion” within america. During the 1980s, Poor African Americans have become more optimistic about their own generation succeeding than having their own wealthy African Americans. They are more to support their own success and motivation within themselves and their dreams.

Working class blacks continue to have faith within each other and within the great national suggestion they also get stability for racial encounters. If poor and working class blacks continue to work within their education, jobs and their families, they can provide themselves cultural and political rage for the middle class. But that can change about how white people think about blacks and it should allow them to resist their own success with themselves and blacks feel like that america and their society can allow them to accommodate instead of reversing. That is the point in the black history, because white people are more use to succeeding more in education wise today that there has never been enough successful blacks for white people to accommodate blacks.

The disparities within wealth between whites will always not accept black executive. The want for an affirmative action to happen will not accept black students SAT scores compared to those who are white will be accepted. Both poor and wealthy blacks lose faith for themselves other than whites do. The point is that black people’s success is growing and continue to grow but very slowly.

Black men today continue to work with themselves on continuing to succeed with themselves as middle class and high class men. Today in america black people still need more middle class men to succeed, because if they get a lot more men that succeed in america, it can cause poverty and black incarceration to decrease. But they also continue to work with the black lives matter program to. Black lives matter is a african american movement community, that campaigns through black violence and racism itself.

Black lives matter was created by three women that give birth to the moment itself (Roberts, Frank Leon, 13 July 2018). Fives your later the black lives matter program has been set on the scene, created by the women named Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometti. This has caused a push for racism and black rights and a way to get rid of state inflicted violence that became one issue for social movement for black people. Black Lives Matter has always been working on how to change certain laws within the United States and trying to continue to move within letting black people have freedom in dehumanization.

Black Lives Matter has included the groups named The Black Youth Project 100, The Dream Defenders, and the Assata’s daughters. In chicago the Assata’s daughters and other helped Anita Alvarez who failed to charge cops that shot over 68 people that died and groups like The Dream Defenders decided to help Angela Corey reign to become a State Attorney. But it does not stop there, in missouri they helped with trying to lead resignation of the University of Missouri president within him having failure trying to get rid of racism on campus. Black Lives Matter will be remembered as the program that always helps trying to get rid of racism the best way they can. Many people have said that Black Lives Matter has had moments were they “quieted” down trump. The have always become a stronger globalization for themselves. Black lives Matter has been a huge success for black america for over 40 chapters. The members keep up to organize and build good local power to end violence for black communities.

In conclusion, black america itself still struggles with black men being arrested today and poverty is still an outgoing problem. Racial Disparity will never be fair but Black men themselves are still at work. A lot of racism is still going on today and Black Lives Matter is working to stop that themselves and they are doing what they can today.

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