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"The Tyger" and "The Lamb": a Comparison

William Blake, a renowned poet and artist of the Romantic era, crafted two contrasting poems, "The Tyger" and "The Lamb," that explore the complexities of human existence and the divine. These poems, presented as part of his collection "Songs of Innocence and of Experience," offer...

Symmetry in the Markings of Animals

Palindromes such as “madam”, “racecar” or “was it a car or a cat I saw” are having reversal symmetry with respect to the letters that compose such words or sentences. Beyond symmetry of words, the symmetry of structures such as Taj Mahal is crafted in...

The Common Themes in Ballad of Birmingham and The Tyger

For decades poems have been a wonderful piece of format in writing that partakes the nature of both speech and song that is nearly always rhythmical and are usually metaphorical to help express the idea of commons themes. To begin with both poems like “Ballad...

Romantic Era Literature uses Subliminal Notions as Social Clarity

Europe in the 18th century was an absolute mess. The Seven Year War ended and the Treaty of Paris was signed, meaning France had no money, no army and was forced to give up everything they once had to Great Britain. Years later, France continued...

The Complexity of Blake's Composite Art in The Tyger and The Lamb

An examination of prominent anthologies shows that Mitchell’s assertion is not universally held, as these collections display Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Experience” exclusively as poetic texts, suggesting that the visual aspect is secondary. Indeed, some critics find Blake’s illustrations superfluous, since they frequently differ...

William Blake's The Tyger: The Mastery of God

Blake starts the poem by starting a discussion with the tiger and very quickly starts his inquiries of who could make such a wild animal. Right off the bat, the all-inclusive representation in stanza 2, 3 and 4, is contrasting the maker and his making...

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