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The Influence of the US Pact on the Reformation of the Use of Force

Introduction The purpose of this study is to give a clear underst&ing of the international law that governed the use of force by the states for self defense. These rules are challenged with the emergence Non-State Actors & there was a dispute as to whether...

The Pact and Ways to Fulfill a Dream

The book I have chosen for the book analysis is “The Pact: Three Young Men Make A Promise And Fulfill A Dream” by Dr. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, Rameck Hunt, and Lisa Frazier Page. This book is about three young African American doctors that grew...

The Message and Power of Friendship in The Pact

Peer pressure, pain and poverty are just a few of life’s dark elements that can create a sense of hopelessness and cast ominous clouds of doubt that cover dreams for the future like a heavy blanket. However, these same dark elements were the common denominators...

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