The Second Amendment Rights

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Although it would be very hard to ratify or delete the second amendment, some of our congressmen are fighting to get rid of the second amendment and ban guns. The (Joyce Foundation) states that banning weapons would greatly decrease gun violence. Although it would help that would take the guns out of the law-abiding citizens as well. Gun laws are irrational and would destroy our nation!

Stopping a bad guy with a gun seems impossible wouldn’t you want there to be a good guy with a gun to stop him? Self-defense shootings rarely happen but when they do lives are saved and criminals are wiped off the earth. Life is short already and getting it cut short by a murderer that could have been stopped if a good guy was carrying a gun is disgraceful. Although only 48% of people that own guns say they will use them for self-protection, that is still a good amount of people that will protect not only themselves in danger, someone else as well (Raphelson). Research shows that in national prisons 34% of the prisoners were scared off, wounded or shot by the victim they were attacking/robbing (Just Facts). Home invasions happen too often and in the circumstance that your home is invaded there is nearly a 50% chance that the intruder will have a weapon of some sort. Having a firearm to protect yourself is crucial to survival at that point in time. If the government takes our guns away how will they protect ourselves in that quick and sudden scenario?

Hunting is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that people not only me but the other 43% of the United States don’t wanna see go away. Hunting is a hobby of many United States citizens. Hunting also for some families in different parts of the United States uses hunting as their food source. Many anti-hunting people think that all hunters are in it for the trophy hunting. While getting a nice trophy is a plus. Many Hunters are in it for the meat, family bonding, being with friends, and getting outdoors and being closer to nature (David Draper).

Declining the number of deaths and violence caused by guns is a must. Shootings like Parkland and Columbine need to be stopped. This could be stopped with gun control, tighter security in schools, or just mental health classes. The one that is the most obvious is tighter gun control. Parklands shooter was armed with an AR-15 that shoots as fast as he could pull the trigger. More restricted background checks and limits to what style of gun can be bought could greatly reduce the death toll in these shootings. One thing needs to be clear, they will never go away. There will always be an insane man with a gun. Although the tighter the laws the harder it will be to get those guns. Mental health laws need to be more strict, not allowing people that can danger the public be allowed to purchase or have firearms (President Trump). In the case that a person is in a shooting wouldn’t they want to be the one with protection. Everyone at that moment would say yes. Having a firearm in the moment of a shooting or some other attack on themselves or their loved ones could save their lives. Being the hero would greatly outway being another victim of the disgusting minded people who use guns in a bad way.

The pros outway the cons in many ways. Although tragedy strikes many of those tragedies could have been stopped by a good guy with a gun! Self-defense is something everyone has the right to and they should pursue that. Hunting provides not only a great hobby but food, time outdoors and bonding time with family and friends. Although banning guns sounds like a great idea, a criminal that wants to kill will find a way to get that gun. He is already doing something illegal, why would he let one more illegal act affect him? Therefore having guns is the best thing for American citizens.

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