The Negative Impact Of Homework Overload And Poor Sleep On Students

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Abeles, who is an advocate for youth and also a filmmaker has inspired many people “to overhaul education policies and practices that encumber student health and meaningful learning. ” A movie that she directed called Beyond Measure, “follows a revolution brewing in public schools across the country, offering a positive picture of what’s possible in education when communities decide to change. ” In Abeles’ article, there are many facts and studies about the success rate of children and the amount of homework given. Abeles focuses mainly on why schools should have later start times and why less homework should be given to students. Abeles uses studies from the University of Michigan, bills from the senate, surveys from American teachers, as well as, Acts from the United Nations Convention that talks about the right of a child. Near the end of the article, Abeles talks about ways we can ensure that children will get the rest and amount of homework that is beneficial to their health and success.

This article provides a good amount of information that tells us that too much homework and lack of sleep is not healthy for students, both physically and mentally. This article also gives information that tells us that how the grades of students today compare to those in the late nineteen hundreds.

Caroline Gilpin is an author, teacher, tutor, and editor. Gilpin has attended three different colleges and is a Master of Arts, Master of Journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts, English and dance. Gilpin writes books for children. She is well known for writing historical books like those of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Amelia Earhart under National Geographic. Gilpin has received four awards as a writer; she has written/edited for three newsletters other than the New York Times. Gilpin has also taught at six different schools and taught journalism classes in a public library. Gilpin uses information from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, surveys, and reviews as evidence to show that later school start times would improve the success of a student. Gilpin also uses an exert from The Economic Case for Letting Teenagers Sleep a Little Later by Aaron E. Carroll to talk about the amount of sleep that teenagers need for a healthy lifestyle.

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In this article, Gilpin’s focus is mainly on studies that are proven to show that if teens could start school later, most teens would go to sleep at the same time, ensuring that teens get a beneficial amount of sleep. This article emphasizes that getting enough sleep is very important for students, and by starting school later we can almost guarantee that will happen. The Young Authors Foundation is a non-profit organization made up of mentors and teachers who have a mission to “provide opportunities for the education and creative enrichment of young people. ” The Foundation also encourages reading and helps students who have difficulties reading. They also help students improve their writing skills and give students a look at goals that they might have in the future.

Julia Osterhouse is one of the young authors that has had one of her works published. Osterhouse uses many credible sources such as the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Sleep Foundation, Brown University, the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement at the University of Minnesota, etc. Many of the facts that Osterhouse presents support the main idea of the article; teenagers don’t get enough sleep. Osterhouse also focuses on why school start times should be changed and the damage that an insufficient amount of sleep can cause on a teenager’s body. This article also put an emphasis on the amount of sleep teenagers get versus the grades that they get acquire.

There is also a comparison between the amount of sleep a teenager gets per night to the number of car accidents caused by drowsiness. This article does a very good job of informing the reader on the effects of sleep deprivation and shows them why schools should have a later start time. Alexandra Sifferlin is a reporter/journalist for Time Magazine. She graduated from the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism and writes about health, medicine, and science. Sifferlin currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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