The Need To Ban Bottled Water As Opposed To Tap Water

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Water makes up a vital part of the human diet, and our bodies need a continues supply in order to perform normally. It is convenient to have quick and easy access to readily available sources of water; particularly bottled water; when one need to hydrate. The convenience of bottled water has led to an increase in its consumption and although it is beneficial to society, there are many detriments associated with the production and consumption of bottled water.

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First, bottled water contributes largely to environmental pollution caused by humans; up to 68 billion plastic bottles are disposed of every year and more than often not in the right way. Though plastic bottles can be recycled, many of these bottles end up along beaches and eventually get picked up by the sea which in turn affects marine life. This goes on to create a ripple effect as the plastic affects the food chains within the ocean. A ban could help reduce waste produced by humans and in turn reduce pollution levels and help save marine life.

Further, a ban on bottled water to lead to improved health as there would be reduced exposure to harmful chemicals. The chemicals used to manufacture the plastic bottles can potentially contaminate the water it contains; this is possible to exposure to heat; the heat causes a breakdown of some chemical components in the bottle and this then contaminates the water it contains. The chemical BPA (bisphenol A.) is one of the many chemicals in plastic bottles, and research proves that these chemicals can cause deadly diseases such as cancer. There are also the additional chemicals that are emitted during the process of manufacturing that also pollute water sources creating more health hazards, thus it would be beneficial to our health to ban bottled water.

Moreover, banning bottled water could help reduce consumer expense as they spend less on buying water. Though bottled water may be relatively cheap in some countries, not all members of the country can afford to buy bottled water. In some countries, bottled water cost more than an equal or greater amount of tap water, and this is a big disadvantage to lower classes in such countries.

Given the above, it can be said that bottled water negatively affects us economically, socially and environmentally, and as such a ban would help prevent any further adverse effects associated with plastic bottles. Though it only targets a small sector of the plastic problem, it is a great starting point.

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