The Main Idea Of French Revolution

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French Revolution as we all know, was an important process, maybe one of the most important ones. What often seems forgotten is that the initial cause of the revolution was neither so radical, nor the changes were so extreme. What happened is that the situation was changing along with the circumstances. Firstly, the idea was not to remove the King, but to convert him into a figure and with that creating a parliamentary monarchy. After the King was trying to escape by interacting with foreign forces, the revolution became radical. Later, eberything lead to terror, series of political murders, rebellions and other terrible things.

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I think, social and political reforms had to be made, even earlier, if France wanted to maintain the status of 'superpower'. The problem is that the resistance to such reforms was extremely high in privileged stocks, several finance ministers had to resign because they failed to 'expand the tax base', and the state was in debt, the states treasury was almost empty. So, in France was a dynamic society, but, like an express pot, on which the lid was seated by those who 'flew into the air during the revolution.' As in any society in which vertical mobility is suppressed, ambitious third-class members gathered in 'revolutionary clubs' and waited for their opportunity. And I waited. Every resemblance to the events in Tsarist Russia a hundred years later and their peoples and the better, it is completely coincidental.

The elimination and reform of the outdated state mechanism is not a small thing, such a task was demanded by a capable ruler, and Louis XVI was not capable enough. Basically, it was not about 'getting unhappy circumstances,' before the extremely fortunate acquisition of circumstances would prevent the revolution at that time. If a constitutional monarchy had been established after the revolution, perhaps history would go in a different direction, without Napoleon and French expansion. This expansion, however, removed the backward feudal structures in Europe, but they payed a really high price. In the United Kingdom, the king was also executed, but 150 years before. It was the time of the civil-religious war, but afterwards the role of Parliament gradually increased, the possibility of the royal arbitrariness was reduced, a political mechanism was created that enabled the settlement of the conflict peacefully, with the establishment of a three-thirds majority of the authorities in legislative, executive and judicial power.

In fact, most of today's people think that French Revolution was the turning point for democracy in French society that we know today. It wasn't, the revolution quickly fell, and the main leaders were killing each other. When Napoleon assumed power, he literally only diluted the remnants of the republic, and later proclaimed himself emperor. After Napoleon's fall, the kings and revolutions reigned again in 1848, and again the kings and Napoleon III, and only in 1870, by creating the Third French Republic, something came closest to what we now think of under the French Republic. Do not misunderstand me, the French Revolution was important, but much more important were the ideas she conveyed, the idea of creating national civil states and equality for all. But I say, these ideas survived the Revolution, but the events of 1789-1999. were actually a difficult rise of the revolutionaries, not from external forces, but from conflicts and political struggles. Nevertheless, the legacy of these ideas, the creation of a modern republic, the creation of a national army composed of citizens serving the Republic and not a ruler, the creation of a civil society, the idea of equality of layers, all survived the unsuccessful Revolution and created it in time for modern society.

Although, to be understood, many of these ideas existed in ancient Athens or the Roman Republic, they were not invented in 1789. The French Revolution, along with events which occurred in United States and the war with the British for independence made the path to a new era and new way of thinking. I think, with revolution or without it, society would anyways evolve in modernity, because technology would demand so. Technology is the first and the only mechanism that is pushing society into modernity.

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