The Leadership of Mahatma Gandhi as Depicted in Movie Gandhi

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In the movie ‘Gandhi’, Gandhi's character is fully explained as a man of nonviolence. Through his patience, he is able to drive the British out of the subcontinent and many leadership traits of Mahatma Gandhi were displayed in the movie. Leadership was one of the qualities of Gandhi's courageous identity. He just joined all Indians to battle against the British guideline and gain opportunity. First to increase financial autonomy and reduce destitution for Indians, he showed initiative by empowering individuals in his town to begin moving and utilizing natively constructed garments.

Gandhi carries on with the life of his poeple, so he can really comprehend them. Regardless of whether it's the minority Muslims, the 'untouchables' of Indian culture or the drivers welcomed to eat at his table, he regards everybody as equivalents. From numerous points of view, Gandhi is the opposite we anticipate that a pioneer should look and act. His methodology might not have the British shuddering toward the begin, but rather they before long change their tune when his modest methodology starts pulling in a large number of supporters. Individuals tail him since they understand that here is somebody who comprehends their requirements, has their best advantages on a fundamental level, and will battle for their welfare.

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Gandhi’s leadership was based on the principle of transformative leadership. His leadership led to changes both at the individual level as well as the at the social system level. Gandhi knew that violence begets violence and so he practiced passive resistance and encouraged his followers to shun violence and adopt passive resistance. Gandhi’s leadership definitely accomplished the goals that were set out by him. Followers of Gandhi were motivated by him, admired him, were loyal to him and respected him. Gandhi appealed to and invoked higher values like liberty, justice, peace and equality in his followers.

The situation played a conductive role in their ability to lead others. Under the leadership of Gandhi Indians were perpetrating the ‘Quit India movement’ against the British Empire. The British Empire was ruling India and had been looting the riches and wealth of the country at the cost of the Indian citizens. While the British Empire gained from the vast resources of India its citizens were exploited by the Empire for their own personal gain. As a result, Indians remained impoverished while the British Empire kept on acquiring more wealth. This situation enabled Gandhi to lead others and to impress upon the Indian citizens to shun violence and adopt passive resistance. The end result was the start of the non-cooperation movement. The non-cooperation movement was a significant phase of the Indian independence movement and this movement resisted the British rule in India through non-violent means. This movement led to the eventual exit of British rule and the eventual independence of India.

There were a few events where Gandhi acted such that others appreciated and energetically pursued. To begin with, the manner in which he dressed helped him battle for his motivation. He wore a cotton fabric called a dhoti, a shawl and a straightforward watch and glasses. A dhoti is a customary Gujarati furnish that is folded over one's legs and midsection, and a shawl is a scarf he folded over his abdominal area. Dhotis and shawls are generally worn by the poorest of individuals. He wore this to blacklist outside garments and speak to the large number of individuals living in India at the time. Many pursued his precedent and started boycotting British garments for progressively conventional wear. Gandhi did not just constrain his customary clothing to his home and the avenues however wore conventional garments even before Congress. He remained before Congress in a dhoti and shawl to tell the country that the Congress would never again have a place with the high society. He stayed with his pledge to wear conventional garments and did not change for anybody or anything. Along these lines, Gandhi had the capacity to impact others by setting a case of how to support what they put stock in.

Not exclusively was Gandhi an incredibly good example, but on the other hand was extremely persevering and steady in his convictions. He was extremely decided in finishing what he trusted in. Indeed, even at the most essential dimension, Gandhi had faith in staying faithful to his commitments. For instance, Gandhi guaranteed his mom before leaving that he would remain a vegan and he kept up his guarantee in spite of trouble. On a more fabulous scale, Gandhi emphatically had confidence in peacefulness and indicated how peacefulness was an extreme arrangement with the salt duty dissent.

The present leaders don't appear to show a similar nature of authority that Gandhi did. Rather than following what they have faith in, they are frequently two-faced. When it came to individual belongings, in contrast to the present leaders, Gandhi had the barest least was still had the capacity to effectively battle for his nation. Likewise, numerous pioneers are not steady in their convictions and regularly don't finish. On the off chance that the present leaders can incorporate some of what Gandhi had the ability to, they would have the capacity to acquire regard and have progressively loyal devotees.

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