The Importance of Surrogacy for Someone's Dream of Parenthood

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Claude McKay was born in Sunny Ville, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica on 15 September 1889. After publishing his first books of poetry, McKay relocated to Harlem, New York, to develop himself as a literary advocate for social justice during the Harlem Renaissance. He is renowned for his novels, essays and poetry, including 'If We Must Die' and 'Harlem Shadows.' He died on May 22, 1948, in Chicago, Illinois. McKay's poems are historical documents and witnesses to discrimination and oppression by one race against another. Such poems are loud voices against all forms of oppression, too. The interpretation of Claude McKay's poetry often reveals methods to address racial discrimination and oppression. As the poem “Enslaved” demonstrates in particular, what is required is not only physical strength, but we must begin to question and battle the structures that make oppression happen, namely the ethnocentric discourse or thinking patterns and the excesses of the economic system of capitalism that make human beings like commodities. Racism and physical or mental slavery are unacceptable. But this is a problem that needs to be constantly challenged, predicted and discussed.

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