The Ethical Behavior When Using Information Communication And Technology

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The topic that I choose and I want to explain is about online harassment. Online harassment or known as cyber harassment and online abuse. Online means email, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and messanging app like Whatsapp, digital platforms like Youtube.

Actually there are many kind of online harassment, from the rude comments on social media to hurt someone, online racism like a belief that some races are inherently superior to other, online predator who commit child sexual abuse begins or takes place on the internet, cyberstalking is the use of internet or electronic communication to harass and frighten or to stalk someone example by sending threatening messages with intent to kill or hurt someone, internet troll is a persons who upset people on the internet to distract by posting inflamantory and disagressive messages in online community, Hacking the example is like stealing someone data and violating their privacy, there is so much more issues about online harassment but there is one issues that I really want to explain because there is so many case about this issue and it makes me sad also this issues took so many lives away and the issues topic is cyberbullying.

What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying or you can also say cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment by someone using electronic like social medias. Cyberbullying are also known as online bullying it becomes increasingly common, especially among teenagers there is so many victims from cyberbullying and they are a teenagers and there is so many person who does cyberbullying that also a teenager.

Cyberbullying is when someone bully or harass others includes sending some text, posting a sensitive content, sharing negative, or mean content about someone else from the internet and especially social media sites that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, laptop, computer, tablets. It can include sharing personal information about someone else to cause humiliation and embarrassment. There is so many cyberbullying case that crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior it can cause the victim experience lower self-esteem, being scared of everything, angry, frustrated, depressed, and the most dangerous case is when the victim can’t take it anymore and can’t handle the problem he or she has, so they ended up killing themselves.

Luckily, I never experienced cyberbullying before so I will tell five true story about cyberbullying with different cause why they get bullied. The first victim is Amanda Todd she was a 15 year old Canadian student who dies because of cyberbullying. Before she dies, in September 7, 2012, She posted a video on Youtube and the titled is My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, and self harm. She used Youtube to tell her experienced of being blackmailed into exposing her breasts via webcam, and she’s being bullied and physically assaulted. Her Youtube video went viral after she dies which is it’s so pathetic.

In her Youtube video, she writes that when she was in grade 7 she moved with her father, she used to meet new people on the internet. Then she meet a stranger that convinced her to bare her breasts on camera, then the stranger screenshoot her picture. The stranger later blackmailed her and threatening her to give her topless photo to her friends unless she gave him another picture of her nude. In Christmas break 2010, police informed her that her photo was circulating on the internet. Then, she wrote her experienced about depression, anxiety, and panic disorder due to sexually expoited online cyberberbullied. She began using alcohol and other drugs when her family moved to a new house.

A year later, her blackmailer reappered and create a facebook profile using her topless photo as the profile image and contacting her friends in her new school. She has attempted suicide the first time before hanging at her home is by dringking bleach, but she survived after being rushed to hospital to have her stomach pumped, she commented this in her video. This cyberbullying thing really affected her life because everytime she moved to another city or a new school she unable to escape from her past. According to her mother “every time she moved schools someone would still go undercover and become her facebook friend”. She still get bullied in her new school so because of it she get depressed and killed herself. she commited suicide in October, 10, 2012 by hanging at her home in Port Coquitlam a city in British Columbia, Canada.

Here’s the second cyberbullying victim her name is Sarah Lynn Butler, She is a seventh grader from Arkansas. She was teased at school and received a bullying messanges on her MySpace page after being voted as a queen for her fall festival in her school. Sarah’s mother often checked her MySpace page to see if there wasn’t inappropriate being sent or received, her mother notice that Sarah got some bad messages about a rumors saying that she was a slut. Because of the cyberbullying thing she commit suicide in her home when she was alone she also read the last message in her MySpace page before she dies and it says that she was easily forgotten and she’s just a stupid naive girl and nobody would miss her. When she dies her parents found a note that Sarah wrote for them before she dies and the note said that she couldn’t handle what others were saying about here. She dies on September 26, 2009.

The third victim is Brandy Vela she is an 18 years old girl from Texas who gets cyberbullying. According her father, he said that Brandy Vela had been receiving abusive text messages from the bullies who using an untraceable smartphone application and someone made a fake facebook page of her. Her family said that the cause why she get bullied mainly because of her weight. The person or a group of people who bullied her make a dating websites of her they also put her number, her picture, lie about her age and said that she’s giving herself up for free sex. Brandy school was actually safe for her she gets cyberbullying outside of her school like in social media.

Her school encourage her to change her phone number but the bullies always found her. Before Brandy dies she sent an email to her family members and telling them that she was going to kill herself. After that, her family rushed home and found her alive but she was holding a gun. Her family persuade her to put the gun down, but she was determined. She hold the gun and it’s pointed to her chest. After that, she pulled the trigger and killed herself at her house and her family watched her.

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The fourth victim is Audrie Taylor Pott a 15 year old girl from Saratoga, California. On September 3, 2012 She was sexually assaulted by three high school boys at a party when she was drunk. Three or more teenagers dragged her up stairs into the bedroom and sexually assaulted there. They used markers to draw and write something on her body and they took a picture of her nude then, distributed it via social network. In the following days, someone bullied Pott on the internet after seing her nude picture. She also get bullied at her school Before she dies she explain everything and made it clear on facebook messages that her photod drove her to commit suicide. Eleven days later on September 12, 2012 after the sexual assault tragedy she commit suicide by hanging.

The last victim is Megan Taylor Meier a 13 year old girl from O’Fallon, Missouri, U.S She is a girl who enjoyed spending time with her friends and family. But, Since she was in third grade she had told her mother that she wanted to kill herself. She also had been prescribed citalopram ( it’s an antidepressant that has a possible side affect to increase suicide risk in young people), Methyphenidate, and antipsychotic ziprasidone. She’s been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and depression, and she had self-esteem issues because of her weight. In middle school she be friended with the popular girls.

The girls soon bullied Megan more worse than before. Meier had an account on MySpace she received a message from a 16 year old boy, his name is Josh Evans. They become online friends but, Josh used his account to bully Meier Actually that account was made by Meier friends and it was a fake account but Meier doesn’t know about it. On October 16, 2006, after Meier got home from her school she got a message from Josh, the message said that Josh don’t know if he still want to be friend with Meier or not because he said that he heard meier were not very kind to her friends. More messages of this type were sent, some of her messages were shared with other and bulletins were posted about here.

Someone also sent a messeges to her that said everyone in her school know who she is and said that she’s a bad person, everyone hates her, she had a shitty rest of her life, the world would be better without her. She was upset because of the cyberbullying, I mean who wouldn’t be upset if they got cyberbullied. Before she dies she had a fight with her mother she said that her mother supposed to be on her side. Then, she told her father about the problem. Her father talked about the cyberbullying thing to her mother. Twenty minutes later, her mother went to her room and found that Meier was dead because she hanged herself with a belt in the bedroom closet. She was pronounced dead the next day on October 17, it was three week before her birthday.

And that’s all about the victim of cyberbullying now I’m going to give my solutions to help stop the cyberbullying.

The first one is don’t trust someone you’ve met in social media or a stranger easily because you don’t know the that much you don’t know if they are a bad or a good person so keep your data secure or don’t give them your privacy.

Second, don’t post you body picture online or an innapropriate picture and don’t send it to your friends or partner a nude picture of you because you don’t know what will they do after they’re not friends with you or date you maybe they will posted your picture online you don’t know it so don’t because one of my friend in middle school does that and everybody at my school saw her picture.

Third if someone cyberbullied you or bullied you at school do not keep it as a secret but do something tell teacher or your parents because if you don’t speak up about your problem nobody will know and maybe the person who bullied you will do something worse.

Fourth everyone should get an education about cyberbullying since kid tell them that cyberbullying is dangerous and cyberbullying is not okay so maybe it will decrease cyberbullying case. And this is a solution if your friend got cyberbullied do something to help them against someone who cyberbullied them tell the bullies to stop saying mean word because everybody is different maybe some person are not that strong to deal with the bullies or maybe they have a stressful life then they got cyberbullying and made their life more worse so they ended up killing themselves and some person are strong to deal with bullies and don’t really care with what people think of them on social media don’t forget to support you friend too if they were bullied. Don’t ever let somebody bring you down.

So the conclusion about this topic is don’t ever do cyberbullying because nobody deserved to be bullied. Don’t ever think that you are the best person so you can cyberbullied others or maybe if they have some disease or they have autism and something like that so you can bullied them, no it’s not the right thing because of that it doesn’t mean you are better than them or bullying doesn’t make you better than someone you bullied it only make you worse than the victim.

Because nobody in this world were perfect everyone had a mistake no matter who you are, even if you often pray, do the right thing, help someone you still have a mistake. The only one who doesn’t have a mistake is god, only god can judge you nothing or no one else except god. So, think before you type or before you speak because words can hurt people.

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