The Empowering Story of King David

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David's story starts with his emotional ascent in fortunes, from humble beginnings as a shepherd in his dad's home to his rise as ruler over all Israel in his very own capital city, Jerusalem. Through everything, we see God favoring him, and over and over again we see things turning out in his favor. The most important event that determines David’s rise to power is when he showcases his military skills and defeats Goliath. There is a contention between the Philistines, and Israel in the Valley of Elah. One 'Goliath' of Gath (1 Sam 17:4, 23), a mammoth of a man who proposed a warrior to fight him, spoke to the Philistines.

As a result, the overall winner would be determined by the leader of this fight (1 Sam 17:1-10). A young shepherd named-David-represented the Israelites. We see David rising with only stones and a sling against Goliath, but still managing to defeat him (1 Sam 17:31-50). The success and perseverance of David were enough to gain Saul and his people's trust. Saul was a big part of the coming of power of David as he made sure that anyone who won the battle against Goliath would receive the hand of his daughter in marriage, making him inline for the throne. Not only does Saul influence his way of life, but God is a very important asset to David as well. If not for him, David, being a not-so-great person would have struggled immensely getting anywhere in life. David's Accession narrative was the very establishment of Noth’s Deuteronomy. In reality, it is its focal center from Samuel to Kings. The accession narrative demonstrates that David was the only one tagged as someone the Israelites could confide in and trust. He proved himself through his bravery and actions. Being born completely out of connection to kingship, God and others saw power within his soul. Although the reader cannot trust David’s character outside of kingship, one can expect the same bravery and strength to be put into his land and people, eventually expanding Israel’s land.

The stories of King David and his rise to the throne, tell the reader that the author’s audience, was simply, all of Israel. Israel and God have a connection that runs deeper than just who gets appointed to the throne. The establishment of their relationship is based on how the people and the higher power, come together to make up the history of a nation. These stories reflect on more than just David becoming a powerful king, they show the elaborate work that is done by God himself. David was a man attempting to win over God's affections since he despised sin yet wanted to pardon it. What better case of God could there be? He is constantly anxious to show kindness, continually ready to allow tricksters another opportunity. A nation bestowed upon God’s value will be one that holds strength deep within their souls, regardless of where they begin. This is the message that portrays King David and what the author wanted to remind the people of Israel. This text was a very empowering one for me, due to God’s perseverance and trust in even the worst people. He will always know the truth within everyone and he will always recognize strength when needed. The books of 1-2 Samuel depict David as Israel's optimal ruler, even when suffering from his imperfections. For Israel, he represented the more peaceful times when Israel was considered one nation and God's endowments were easily manifested. Israel would later anticipate a lord or a savior who might lead Israel back to previous brilliance. Jesus is presented as that blessed child of David (In the Gospels), who will lead another Israel, made up of the two Jews and Gentiles into an enduring realm of harmony.

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