The Emphasis of Carpe Diem in John Keating's Teaching

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Located in New England in the 1950s, Welton is a prestigious high school with tradition, honor, discipline and value. The school boasts an Ivy League enrollment rate of over 70% and is renowned as an admission school. Students also plan to advance into various specialist departments following the success of their father without knowing their own dreams. As a new term, John Keating is appointed as a new English teacher. Keating argues against his upbringing education policy and argues that his students should design their own lives rather than knowledge of admission to their chosen subject from the first class. Keating's teacher came to the students with a fresh shock. Neil, who attends a student performance one day, takes the stage with a willingness to play for the rest of his life, but his parents force him to become a doctor. He is not good enough for his parents' coercion, eventually chooses suicide, and Mr. Keating is nominated for the responsibility for leading Neil to kill himself. After all, Mr. Keating leaves school.

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John Keating is a new English teacher at Welton. He is different from the other teachers of Welton and he is organized by authority with humorous and kind personality. They refuse the entrance-oriented curriculum and his trials to teach philosophy, poetry, and literature in which students can pioneer their lives. It becomes a true mentor that awakens the consciousness of the students who have been bothered by the repressive atmosphere of school and parents. Neal Perry accepts Keating's teachings and becomes a key figure in the secret circle. Although acting is a dream, his father forces him to become a doctor and eventually chooses to commit suicide without achieving his dream. Charlie Dalton is a person full of confidence and adventure. He leads students with Neil. He is expelled in response to the principal's request to pass on Neil's death to Dr. Keating's responsibilities.

'Carpe Diem' - 'Enjoy today' John Keying emphasized more than studying. He taught students to be an active with independent personality. At Welton Academy, the way he educates is not accepted for everyone, but I like John Kidding's teaching style.This film reminded me of the way I was educated in Korea. Major Korean education methods are to infuse knowledge to students’ brains. Teachers inject unconditional knowledge without any consideration of whether they have accepted the content. There are many students who have lost interests in studying. I think of Carpe Diem once again that the main characters who change themselves into a life that they want to do instead of living lives for their parents.

In my case, my parents did not particularly oppress me when I was in secondary school. Nevertheless, I studied under stress because of my desire to get high grades. I was sad to have studied without any purpose. In order to survive in a society where activity, independence, and individuality are spiraling, people need individual’s own unique idea. I am afraid that I can really enjoy my life in the atmosphere of society, but I indeed have to live a life that I will not regret if I have a chance to look back on my past as when I become a senior. I think that it would not have been better if this film ended happily. And it also has an immerse development and a unique plot. I highly relish the ending with sensation, respect for the true teacher and agree with the message given by this film.

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