The Benefits of the Fair Trade and a Room for Further Improvements

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Fair-Trade is a great way to ensure the health and safety of many individuals in the Ivory Coast and helps deliver justice to the workers who have spent most of their lives, producing goods for us. By Pursuing a Fair-Trade mark, Confetti can help and acknowledge those in need of food, care, and shelter in the largest chocolate-producing country, the Ivory Coast.

Benefits of Fair-Trade

Fair-trade is trading between developed and non- developed countries in which the producers of the goods, are paid at a fair price. The Fair-Trade minimum price is the minimum price that buyers must pay the producers, that allows the farmers of the Ivory Coast, to earn fair wages. By gaining access to an adequate amount of money, farmers will have the ability to support their families and have stable futures, also increasing food security. Socially, Fair-Trade will enable a connection between the producers and consumers, providing an insight into the injustice and labour that the Ivory Coast faces. The promoting of fairer conditions will empower workers to combat poverty and take control of their own lives, gaining easy access to health facilities, hygiene, food, water, and education.

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The Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast along with another African country, is the largest producer of cocoa, cultivating more than half of the world’s cocoa. The Ivory Coast is a West-African country, with beach resorts, rainforests, and a tropical-hot and humid climate, suitable for the plantation of cocoa beans. It is a sub-Saharan nation exactly located at 8 00°N, 5 00°W and is squared in shape. Poverty in the Ivory Coast is concerningly high (50%), despite it’s economic growth, mainly in the cocoa industry. The household incomes in the country have increased since 1990 which were then approximately $905 (US$) and in 2010 were around $1211, an extremely low amount compared to many other countries. The conditions in the Ivory Coast are not on a high level, including safety and economy. It is a country prone to criminal activity and there have been many accounts of violent crime, robberies, and terrorism. Most children in the country suffer from extreme poverty, no rights to health facilities and severe child labour. A Fair-Trade mark will help resolve many of these problems, delivering justice to the people and ameliorating living standards.


Australia is a country with a population of 24.6 million and a poverty rate of 13%. It is the sixth-largest country in the world and one of the most highly urbanised. Unlike the Ivory Coast, Australia is an extremely advanced country, and even the poorest of people have access to healthcare. The household income rates in 1990 for Australia were $19, 211 (US$) and in 2010, heavily increased to $52,022, due to a significant rise in the economy. Safety in Australia is on a very high level, (opposite of the Ivory Coast) with very low crime rates. The major threats of the country come from dangerous wildlife but it is very secure. There is no minimum working age for young Australians, but many restrictions exist for children under 14-15 years of age, if willing to work for long hours. As displayed in the graph below, the infant mortality rates in the Ivory Coast are extremely high compared to Australia’s, conveying that Australia has better health and hygiene.

Fair-Trade Impacted Country

Costa Rica is a Central-American country, known for its beaches, volcanoes and it’s biodiversity. It is a country that is significantly impacted by Fair-Trade and has improved immensely since it’s companies first pursued it. Fair-Trade in Costa Rica has improved the lives of farmers, providing enough money for them to support their families, giving children rights to an education. Moreover, Fair-Trade has also resulted in an increase in the economy in Costa Rica, which is now offering more job opportunities for residents. If Fair-Trade is embarked by Confetti, it will bring an immense change in society, as it will result in a better environment, better rights, better education, better jobs, better employment rates, better working conditions and better homes for many.


Additionally, Fair-Trade is crucial for the many people suffering in the Ivory Coast and Confetti must acknowledge them and the hardship they go through to provide us with divine foods like chocolate. This small mark can change many lives, therefore actions must be taken to create not only a better environment but a better life for the unfortunate.

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