Tesco as the Biggest Market Player

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Supermarket chains can hardly sustain their business. Operating retailer shops in big scale is more difficult. Exceptionally Tesco has run their business over 100 year provided we consider its establishment. Tesco is a step ahead of any company doing retailer business in UK. It’s because Tesco has gained customer trust serving them for a long time. Also they find the way to reduce the cost and earning more profit. The new companies need time to find their own way of earning efficiency.

Being the third-largest grocery business, Tesco operate 3968 stores (including franchises) and also thought 9th largest retailer considering revenue. Its sales include all items starting from groceries to non-food items. Tesco appeared as Tesco in 1924 though it was established in 1919 and became recognized as a company within 1932. Operating over 7000 stores with a large number of employees, Tesco gained their fame for deploying varieties of products and providing noticeable customer services.

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Tesco is the biggest market player in the realm of grocery stores. Total of 30% market owned by Tesco in UK. That indicates huge success at home. A company won’t get second chance to glow if it cannot build up a basement in its own country. Tesco is leading UK market for many years competing supermarket giants like Wal-Mart of the United States and Carrefour of France. In free market economy, domestic companies have to compete with the foreign successful companies. Surprisingly, the two other close competitors don’t get success strategically. On the other hand, Tesco is trying to spread their business worldwide and in some cities getting more popular than local supermarkets. Tesco generate 56 billion pounds in 2019/20 with its average number of 423092 employees. Most of its employees are recruited in UK and Ireland.

Like the other private business, Tesco sets its mission to maximize its profit. It is trying to find out the linkage of its way of maximizing profits. To increase its revenue, Tesco is emphasizing on their promotions. Sustaining in the market is the prime vision of Tesco. Reduction in customer complaints, targeting for 30% gross margin are the general objectives of Tesco. Moreover, to be a green business, Tesco make target of achieving zero-carbon tag within 2050.

Tesco maintains its law and organizational structures in all levels. All the functions are engaged with each other maintaining the organizational boundaries. After 2014, with its 10 member Director’s board, Tesco bring notable changes by changing CEO and reducing several costs in different sections. And the organization got liveliness again though many experts warned their decisions. Tesco showed their strength of decisions in organizational level.

Many people can be involved in a business and these involved people can be defined as beneficiaries and interested groups. They are given the interference power to look after the welfare of organizations. From customers, bankers and executives to shareholder and competitors, all of these elements are thought to be the stakeholders of an organization. Tesco offers these stakeholders to interfere in any decisions made by Tesco’s directorial board.     

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