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Questioning Rationality Behind Suicide Bombing

Suicide bombing, probably the most shocking tactic employed by terrorists, is becoming increasingly common around the world. The first suicide bombings having gained significant media attention were carried out by Hezbollah, a Shia Islamist organization in 1983. This led to the misconception that suicide attacks...

Terrorism and Insecurities of Minorities in India and USA

Topic: “Terrorism has become a festering wound. It is an enemy of humanity.” Enlighten the statement in context to India and USA Introduction Until the 1990s, terrorism was considered to be a security concern of the second order, often being ignored by books on international...

Origins and Dangers of the Different Types of Terrorism

Terrorism is an issue is places all around the world. Terrorism is violence demonstrated by people who stress specific socio or political beliefs and use the violence as a threat to their targeted audience in the hopes of creating a sense of submissive conformity. There...

Preventative Detention Orders As Jihadist Counter-Terrorism Strategy

A terrorist attack known as the London Bombing occurred on the 7th of July 2005, where an organised suicide bomb attack exploded on three trains, killing 39 people, another bomb exploded on a bus, killing 13 people. From the four attacks, more than 700 hundred...

Gun Laws In America Need Revising

“How many more colleges, classrooms, movie theatres, houses of faith, shopping malls, street corners?” Selena Gomez asks. Mass shootings have been possible due to one horrendous trigger: Guns. Gun laws have been a questionable issue being dealt with (mostly by America) but why has no...

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