Success: Definition Of Success And Being Successful

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Success is something else that we ever listen from our society especially in third world countries where everyone knew the meaning of success is just money, money and money means the one who earn more money is called successful. Always define success for yourself. Don’t get confused by the image of success that society wants you to accept, idealize and aspire. Success is what you think it is. No title, no degree, no job, no status, no institution, no amount of wealth should be fixed definition of success. Work for self-actualization not for self-image that is shown to the society. Never try to become one that society wants from you or never try to achieve a measure of success that society defines for you.

Take some rest, just BREATHE and think what you are and what you want? Listen, your inner voice and describe your definition for success. If offering prayer, Ummrah or Hajj means success to you than work for it. If going to Oxford University means success to you, go for it. If staying at home with your parents and working from computer is success for you, carry on.

Do whatever you yourself think to be a success for you. Don’t let me or any other who define for you what is success. If you live the way that defined by society, you may get average success or might be you earn more money but you yourself will probably feel like a failure inside. Attending oxford, going to fashion industry, become a doctor or engineer are not success in them.

Success for me “the one who satisfied from his life or the thing going on in his life is a source for their inner peace” that person is successful. But the dilemma of our society is just a mind sickness but we can’t ignore the money factor because in developing countries people don’t have enough money to fulfill their basic needs. In this condition how people think beyond money?

At the very start when a child is born in a family everyone pleased and start talking about his/her career and start choosing profession like doctor, engineer or teacher no one thought that he/she has to take own decision. As they grow their parents imposed a profession or a track that they have to follow. Some parents emotionally blackmail that had a dream to become a doctor they didn’t that’s why you do….they never think that they also have some dreams.

As far my experience I used to talk with old ones to know their experiences. Majority of them were not satisfied with their life. They always said that they never spend a single part of their life for self-actualization. All vanish in busy life. Success and failure are relative terms depending on what makes you happy or gives you a sense of achievement.

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