Steps To Get Ready For A Job Interview

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Preparing for a job interview we must have a goal, and it should be an attainable goal. After completing college, every student has next phase of life and that is preparing for an interview. Primarily, in today’s world, there is no shortcut for success just few ingredients we need according to me. It can sum up in three words: practice, precise and perfection.

Firstly, knowledge, which comes from practice in right direction, it gives us confidence. It is necessary because we know that if we appear relaxed and competent, people will take us for that and we can afford to feel confident. We can relax in the knowledge that we do not have to try to impress. We will impress just be being what we are and what we know. Repetition of work can help to boost ourselves. We can arrange a demo interview with friends therefore we can practice, or we can practice in front of mirror.

Practise may help you to reduce the interview anxiety, improve interview skills. Combination of practise with knowledge makes us more efficient and wealthier. having acquired the knowledge, next task is to be precise in what we know and how we represent. “Self-confidence is an essential key for a successful and effective way of life. A person who is having self-confidence will always be a center of attraction” (preparing for wining interview, Bibhu Prasad Mishra).

While attending an interview, everyone becomes nervous and this is quite natural. Due to this nervousness or tension many of them cannot attend the interview successfully. This happens mainly due to lack of confidence and self belief. Unnecessary worry kills a man. After such hard work, we should have perfectionism in ourselves. I am not here suggesting for moment that we must totally rearrange our appearance. That might be disastrous. After all, we dress to suit our temperament, or the way we feel and now we do not feel very different about ourselves. Therefore, a sudden change would be out of character. However, take note of the things that might be worth changing in the future such as posture, manner of walking, dress and so on.

Therefore, we can be ready for job interview. Here I mean to say that “Dress for success” It’s probably one of the most overused phrases in job-searching, but also one of the most under-utilised by job-seekers. In job searching first impression is very crucial because first impression is last impression. To sum up, we should be ready to gain more knowledge as consequence we can get more confident and we can do more better performance in our interview. We have many resources within ourselves that we do not fully use. We all have. We do not do ourselves justice and we know it. We are all more able and more competent than we appear to be.


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