Statement of Purpose: My Childhood Memories

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During my childhood, one day grandpa brought conventional radio into our house and started playing the FM station. It generated curiosity and wonder in my minds. I asked my mom, how human voice is coming out of the device, mom told me that some peoples are sitting inside the radio and signing the songs. I knew it was a joke but that enhanced my curiosity, next day somehow, i have broken and opened the radio. But didn’t find anyone inside that. Still I remember it was one of the most exciting moment in my life. That curiosity and excitement brought me into the world of science.

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When I had a chance to choose the carrier path in my life, I have opted Electronics and communication for the graduation in one of the most prestigious Government college in Kerala. Different subjects in university curriculum, especially Microcontroller programming in our major Project “Real Time Bus Information System” fueled my passion towards Programming. I was fascinated with the various coding part done in the project using C language. 

After my graduation, I have joined in “Electronic Fuel Injection System – Single Cylinder” research team in TATA ELXSI. It gave me fantastic 3 years of experience in the whole life cycle of Automotive ECU development and programming skills. Later I became the part of Powertrain team in Jaguar Land rover UK in 2017 as Data Analysis Engineer. It was an amazing opportunity for me to get an exposure to UK and international work culture. As a team we have developed inhouse tool which integrated with Google cloud platform to analyze the huge amount of time series log data coming out of the test vehicles. Its saved lots of time for data mining compared to ETAS DIAdem. 

With Tableau, hundreds of data visualization dashboards developed and published for various team for the Powertrain system characterization. It allowed system owners to capture the unseen issues and greatly improve the overall quality. This project helped me to sharpen my Python skills and discover my passion in Data Science.

I believe, I have awesome 6 years of industrial experience and strong basic knowledge in Data Science and looking forward to pushing my boundaries in Machine learning, forecasting and real time analysis of structured and unstructured data. hence the reason I decided to continue my studies and go further and do a post-graduation. I have gone through the university website and found the Msc course in Data science which can  

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