Social Inequality in the Plessy Versus Ferguson Supreme Court Case

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Many cases that involve child abuse are in poverty infested communities, which can be seen in micro levels. Parents or guardians residing in poverty communities are surrounded around substance abuse (Vejar, 2017, pg. 243). Meaning that when influenced by a substance mixed with anger problem can lead to harm when surrounded by a significant other or child. In a macro level, most children are blamed for the neglect and abuse they are enduring (Leite e al., 2009, pg. 79). With the child feeling like they are the blame, children are being subjected to all sort of prejudices; meaning that they are being pushed to feeling degraded and are heavily involved in criminal activity. With having both macro and micro level ideas of what causes child abuse, one can see that there is a broader picture. There are many cases that show children growing doing the exact same thing their parents did to their future kids.

Individual discrimination is the idea of someone mistreating another person because of something they do not agree on. Social inequality can influence individual discrimination because it creates problems in society and the only way that it can be fixed is having one of the individuals admit they are wrong (Bivol, 2016, para. 1-2). For instance, if a group of people decided to spray-paint swastikas on the front of a Jewish temple would show that the group of people are against the other group because of their beliefs. On the other hand, institutional discrimination is the idea that there are certain things that have a hold on society (Bivol, 2016, para. 3). This sort of discrimination is harder to fix since it not just affect a person, but it affects the whole society. For example, the 1886 Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court case. The case ruled in favor of the idea of “separate but equal” for public facilities between people of color and non-people of color. Plessy vs. Ferguson is a perfect example to illustrate that institutional discrimination does not just affect and individual but also the entire society.

One way that social inequality is being able to confront what the problem really is trying to find a way to show light on the topic. Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in inequality of income, wealth and power (Bailey, 2013, para. 1). It is said that the United States had been through movements that are progressively aligned economic and political forces. There are people fighting to have women wages increase to equal out the same as men, also offering help for those in poverty. If people go out and speak what they believe in and talked to the representatives of their state, the can influence what the state representative does. The New Deal enacted by President Franklin D Roosevelt is a perfect example of a historical solution (Bailey, 2013, para. 5). President Roosevelt developed the deal to stabilize the economy and help provide jobs for those who were affected badly.

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