Sharp Training And Its Effect On The Army

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The purpose of this essay is to explain what SHARP does and the effect it has had on the Army. Sexual Harassment/Assault and Response Prevention (SHARP) is the Army’s united effort of combating sexual violence among Soldiers. Though sexual assault happens all around us every day, it is our job to keep it out of our ranks. SHARP implements procedures that make Soldiers aware of the risks and threats within our Army. Telling them how they can help combat sexual violence. The program is good for gaining a cultural change to stop sexual assault. The Army is a family that functions on respect, trust, and integrity. Through SHARP, the Army is fighting to assure that we maintain this bond amongst each other. SHARP has introduced more trainings and has made the Army a better work environment.

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According to the Army’s Sexual assault website, “All Soldiers are required to participate in a three-hour classroom facilitated discussion using a slide presentation and two training videos”. This gives Soldiers the opportunity to discuss what the standard is. Which is a zero tolerance for sexual violence. These discussions give soldiers all the information they need on SHARP. Soldiers can hear and visualize what the Army expects of its Soldiers. Forcing Soldiers to remember and apply the concepts of SHARP. Training this way makes it easy to get the point of SHARP through to Soldiers. It shows Soldiers how serious SHARP is in the Army. SHARP gives us the tools we need to intervene. This is the reason for such a drastic increase in Soldiers reporting sexual assaulting. This makes it easy to eliminate the risks. Through training we can grow as an Army and a family.

We should not have to worry about violence amongst Soldiers. That is why we have enemies. Through the SHARP program, Soldiers won’t have to worry about sexual violence, work will become peaceful. Soldiers will be allowed to focus on their tasks at hand instead of predators. When we can trust each other with no worries of assault, we function better as a unit and a team. Soldiers work better with the trust between one another. This keeps tensions low and makes it easy to complete the mission. With this, we function at significantly higher rates, making us a greater mission capable Army, better capable of achieving the tasks at hand. We are one united fighting force and we can’t function to our maximum capacities with the constant fear of sexual assault in the military.

In conclusion, the Army has continued to make constant changes involving sexual assault. SHARP has continuously provided the training to allow soldiers to effectively combat against sexual violence in the Army. It has also provided the basis for the Army to become more efficient for us to develop as a family.

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