Self Help: An Effective Approach Towards Positivity

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Self help aims at bringing positive attitude and optimism in our actions, in day to day life. It is the best self therapy to overcome anger and anxiety issues faced by many of us . Anger and anxiety are due to weird thought process which cause pain and agony, and results in loss of mental peace. We tend to become more prone towards negativity in our lives. There are various techniques by which we can avoid these situations. Lets take a look at few of them. 5 effective Self Help techniques for positivity Affirmations: In order to overcome the anger and irritability, one can make use of positive affirmations like, “I am improving myself”, “I have the power to change”. 

You can also, try to ignore the circumstances and situations that provoke anger in you. Focus on Positive Thoughts: Often when we get anxious, our mind is full of emotions and unnecessary fear grips us. Lots of negative thoughts rush in and stress us out. It is very important in this situation to be strong and focus on positive outcomes out of the negativity. This way gradually, you start seeing the good things even if anything bad happens with you. Know you are worth: Never doubt your own capabilities, even if others insults you or try to break you down. It is you, who is responsible for your own growth and to protect your self respect. You may choose to remain silent and make yourself understand that, this phase may soon pass. Identify the Negative Thoughts: Take out minimum 10-15 min for yourself everyday and try to analyze your thoughts. Practicing this everyday will give you a clear picture on your thought process, what causes anger and anxiety inside and this way, you can work on your thoughts and train your mind to think positive. Open Up about your feelings: Often we are in a dilemma, what others will think about us or judge us. 

Remember one thing, the more you try to hide your feelings and your problems, the more stress , anxiety, anger and fear will grip you. Let go of all these and you will see yourself a brand new person. Talking to others about your feelings or problem, gives you a new confidence and you will turn into a whole new person. Practicing these few Self Help techniques will give you new confidence and change the way you look towards world. The views expressed in this article are only for blog purpose. Leave your comments in the comment box below and let me know, what do you think about this article. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linkedin

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